10 Advantages Of A Friday Wedding


Statistics have shown that more and more couples are back to having their wedding on a Friday again. Now before you nix the idea of a Friday wedding for yourself consider these 12 advantages of getting hitched on a Friday.

1- There are more available dates to choose from since Friday weddings still are not as fast as a Saturday.

2- Friday weddings are becoming ever more popular and the benefit of a Friday wedding is typically many vendors offer discounts on non-Saturday weddings.

3- Couples enjoy having the day after the wedding to relax with each other or their families before they start their honeymoon.

4- Having a Friday wedding allows you plenty of relaxing time for a Saturday brunch before your guests have to head back home to work on Monday.

5- Consider this, restaurants guaranteed will have a greater availability for a rehearsal dinner on a Thursday night than a Friday.

6- Friday night weddings leaves the weekend open for your friends and family to still enjoy their Saturday.

7- As a general rule hotels have a greater availability for your out of town guests staying overnight on a Friday than Saturday.

8- Normally you can plan a Friday wedding quicker than on a Saturday since more venues and vendors will have availability.

9- You can sleep in longer with a Friday wedding. Friday ceremonies generally will have a 5-5:30 start time allowing more time for guests to get home from work, and you getting a little extra beauty sleep.

10- Some vendors will offer a few free-be’s for a Friday wedding date. They do appreciate getting the business and may offer you something extra.

Without a doubt this is your wedding so you need to decide what is best for the two of you. Will a Friday wedding conveniently fit into your schedule, or will you have to keep with the party on a Saturday? Not all of the Saturdays are unavailable.

Talk things over with your loved ones and get to work booking the church or ceremony site, venue, DJ and photographer. The other necessities can be added afterwards. These professionals can only do one event per day so once they are booked they are no longer available.

These 10 advantages of a Friday wedding just may be the solution to your situation. Only you will know for sure. Get busy and start to customize your wonderful unique Friday wedding and don’t forget to tell your friends, save the date.

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