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Wedding Cake

  1. Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes | 3 Tier Wedding Cakes

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    Who says you have to stick to the conventional round or square shaped wedding cake. Look at these gorgeous heart shaped wedding cakes. 3 tiers of scrumptious sweet tasting dessert pleasure that will have your guests wanting more, if they allow you to cut into it.

    The vast majority of wedding reception meals conclude with cake, pie or cup cakes but you can have your heart shaped wedding cake and eat it too. Take your celebration out side of the box ...
  2. Wedding Cake Mapping | Video Projection Mapping | Spatial Augmented Reality

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    Recently there has been a lot of talk and searching for a new trend in the wedding industry called “Wedding Cake Mapping” or more commonly referred to as “Video Projection Mapping”. It isn’t a new concept but in light of Disney’s video of a wedding cake illuminated up with Tinkerbell, a moving horse drawn carriage and pixie dust shown onto a wedding cake, more and more brides are seeking to have this at their event.

    Projection mapping or the original ...
  3. Dessert Stations Ideas | Wedding Cake Alternatives

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    The majority of wedding receptions will serve cake or cup cakes for dessert to all of their guests. There are some events that will have arranged for an alternate or in addition to cake. We have seen many types of desserts offered for the friends and family to select their favorite sweet treat to compliment a great dinner.

    However cake and cup cakes are only two of the numerous possibilities that are available to everyone at your wedding celebration. ...
  4. Wedding Cake Icings | You Have Numerous Options

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    Cake decorating is an art that uses the icing and frosting to make something ordinary, magnificent. The possibilities for your wedding cake these days are virtually endless. Many different sizes, layers, shapes, icings and decorations to touch on just to name a few.

    Will your wedding cake creation feed all of your guests or will you opt for a smaller cake and have sheet cakes hidden back in the kitchen? Bakers are making truly works of art these days ...
  5. Wedding Cake Sizes | How To Determine The Right Size Of Your Wedding Cake

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    Obviously the bigger your wedding cake is, the more it will cost. Not being familiar with wedding cake sizes can be difficult in budgeting for, if you have no idea how large a cake you will need to feed everyone! Determining wedding cake sizes will vary depending upon the not only the shape of your cake, but how many tiers you will have.

    Some important factors to keep in mind are the more elaborate and grand your cake design, most likely the more it
  6. 5 Totally Different Wedding Cake Ideas You Will Love

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ID:	167If you are one of those folks who want something different for your wedding well then here may be something that's right up your ally. From a dual flavor thru a 5 layer, I'm sure you will find these cakes competing to be yours.

    When you go cake shopping, and tasting inquire with the bakery if they can suggest anything different for you. Tell them if you have a theme such as a beach or sports related wedding. If you have any photos of cakes you like show them
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    Wedding Cake
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