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Wedding Planning

  1. How To Select Your Bridesmaids and Matron/Maid of Honor

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    Presently now in the United States the average wedding will contain 4 bridesmaids, plus 1 maid or matron of honor. We have had upwards of 14 couples but these are few and far between.

    Selecting your bridal party is a way of recognizing and honoring those close to you if not related to you. Usually the maid or matron of honor is a sister while the best man is a brother. This not always need be the case as your closest friends will often be considered at the ...
  2. Honor Deceased Loved Ones At Your Wedding | 11 Loving Ways

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    Your wedding day is a very unique celebration of your love for that certain person in your life. It makes sense to want to include your closest friends and family for this day. However sometimes there are those special family members who have passed away and remembering them on your wedding day is a great way to honor their memory.

    There are many ways to reflect upon your grandmother, grandfather or perhaps your parents or sibling who are no longer ...
  3. 10 Wedding Tips From Former Brides

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    I get asked this frequently, "Should we have our first dance before or after dinner?" and the same question only with cutting the wedding cake. "I haven't decided if I am going to toss the throw away bouquet or not" is also a common topic of discussion. So many decisions to make for this big day with all of your friends and family in attendance.

    Ask 20 people and you will get 20 different answers, so here are 10 wedding tips from ...
  4. Wedding Linens and Table Covers | Tips & Ideas

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    With the addition of wedding linens and table cloths you can transform any ordinary venue into something extraordinary. These items have a significant impact on the over all color and atmosphere in the room since they cover a very large area. Prices for these items are generally reasonable and linen companies can offer a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

    Most influential wedding planners agree that when choosing your reception decor table lines ...
  5. Who Pays For The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

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    Rehearsal dinner, who pays?

    The traditional wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette dictates that the groom's parents pay for the event. This shows the bride's side of the family that the groom's mom is capable of entertaining too. With more and more couples choosing to pay for their own wedding it has become okay to share the expense of the rehearsal dinner or even pay for it themselves. Nonetheless whoever pays for the dinner has the last word on the ...
  6. Wedding Table Decorations | Tablescaping For Your Wedding

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    One of the areas at your wedding that you can use to add decoration to is your tables, this is called tablescaping. The tables at a wedding comprise a large portion of the venue so it would make sense to add some flair to them. The center of all of your tables can add atmosphere to but can be often overlooked or opting for the venue's standard mirrors and fake flowers. However with a little imagination and creativity you can make your table centerpieces look like
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