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  1. Wedding Quotes For Your Marriage | Quotes On Love

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    When designing your wedding ceremony programs it is a nice touch to add a quote or two about love and marriage. This is a very special time and one that involves bringing two people so in love they cannot imagine being without them. Adding a wedding quote for your marriage upon the program, or perhaps on your head table can be that one extra touch making your event, very unique.

    Here are just a few of our favorite quotes on love that we think you may ...
  2. 25 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas | Alternative Guest Book Options (Part 1 of 2)

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    Wedding guest books are absolutely a fantastic way to remember who was at your wedding and the special time you had with your guests. It is usually the first thing that your wedding guests will see when they arrive at the reception for cocktail hour. They will most likely give you a brief remark along with their names, that you will appreciate everyday for many years to come.

    There are so many alternative guest book options that we wanted to share ...
  3. 25 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas | Alternative Guest Book Options Part 2

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    This is part 2 of a two part wedding blog about unique wedding guest book ideas. There are numerous alternative guest book options awaiting you to make your event special.

    13. Photo Frame Book

    Have your photographer take a picture of you when doing your engagement pictures. Have it placed in a frame (without glass) so that guests can sign along the perimeter of your image. After you get back from the honeymoon vacation insert the photo and hang. ...
  4. Wedding Place Cards | Why They Make For A Better Reception

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    Wedding place cards (also referred to as guest cards) are prewritten cards with the names of each guest, and along with a table number on the card. This simplifies guests locating their proper seats quickly and efficiently. Occasionally in lieu of place cards a couple will have made a large name chart that is framed and placed in the front lobby. Either way these make for a better reception and here's why.

    A. Imagine that it's your wedding and you ...
  5. Wedding Programs

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    Over the years wedding programs have become very popular the brides and grooms customize their wedding ceremonies. Writing their own vows or include various rituals and customs from two religions or cultures.

    The wedding program will serve as a number of purposes:

    a. It helps to explain to your guests what they are witnessing.
    b. Makes them feel more of a part of the celebration.
    c. It reflects your very own personal style. ...