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  1. Wedding Table Number Ideas | Unique Table Ideas For Your Wedding

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    Unless you are having a sit anywhere you like wedding reception you are going to need table numbers for your wedding. There are so many great and unique ideas for numbering and identifying tables it can make your head spin.

    Understandably you want your reception to be very memorable and here is one other way to accomplish that happen. Consider first of all your wedding theme, is it formal, rustic, sports related etc. There are numerous ways that you ...
  2. 10 Creative Napkin Folds Worthy Of A Wedding | Part 1 of 2

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    If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself wedding and wish to amaze your wedding guests with your creativity, we have an idea for you. 10 creative napkin folds worthy of a wedding that are easy to do, and will have your guests asking "How did you do these?"

    Tablescaping has become somewhat of an art over the years and actually covers a fair amount of your venue's viewing area. By carefully selecting your table linens, and assembling them properly, ...
  3. 10 Creative Napkin Folds Worthy Of A Wedding | Part 2 of 2

    This is the second part of a two part article showing you how to fold napkins into something more exciting than a simple single fold. Perfect for those wedding do-it-yourself couples who still want to keep the event classy.

    The French Pleat Napkin
    Step 1-Fold your square napkin in half, then in half again, only at a right angle this time. Your is square napkin again. You should have a fold at the bottom and again on the left side.

    Step 2-Take from the upper right ...
  4. Wedding Linens and Table Covers | Tips & Ideas

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    With the addition of wedding linens and table cloths you can transform any ordinary venue into something extraordinary. These items have a significant impact on the over all color and atmosphere in the room since they cover a very large area. Prices for these items are generally reasonable and linen companies can offer a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

    Most influential wedding planners agree that when choosing your reception decor table lines ...
  5. Wedding Table Decorations | Tablescaping For Your Wedding

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    One of the areas at your wedding that you can use to add decoration to is your tables, this is called tablescaping. The tables at a wedding comprise a large portion of the venue so it would make sense to add some flair to them. The center of all of your tables can add atmosphere to but can be often overlooked or opting for the venue's standard mirrors and fake flowers. However with a little imagination and creativity you can make your table centerpieces look like