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  1. 15 Things You Should Never Say To A Bride | EVER!

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    Planning a wedding is virtually every girls dream and could be something that you have dreamt about for many years. It can become very stressful and an emotional process especially as the number of days shorten between now and the day of the wedding.

    As a bride you may turn to your family and close friends to cheer you on and support you along this new journey in your life. Occasionally a few of these people may begin to feel a little too comfortable, ...
  2. Wedding Rituals | A Brief Lesson In Wedding Traditions

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    Wedding rituals have been around since almost the dawn of mankind, or woman kind so to speak. Curious and strange wedding traditions that at some point in time every bride asks; "Why do guests throw rice at a wedding" or "Why is there a bridal shower?"

    Those and many more are explained below giving you a brief lesson in wedding rituals and traditions.

    Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  3. Exotic & Wild Animals At Weddings | High End Wedding Wildlife

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    People think the bigger and bolder is better when it comes to planning a wedding. Recently that has meant a wild wedding ceremony involving exotic animals, which has undoubtedly lead to some logistical and legal issues.

    Kim and Garette Ziemís wedding included 2 llamas joining in for their perfect wedding. Kim had no idea, nor would expect to see llamas show up and ...
  4. 50 Best Romantic Wedding Movies

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ID:	725According to IMDb here is a list of the 50 best romantic wedding movies of all time. As I do, you may disagree with some of these along with the order they have been placed in. You cannot deny that most of these are in fact very good movies pertaining to weddings.

    Most of these I have at one point watched while a few I had never heard of, that doesn't make them bad. A couple are my personal favorites while several I am indifferent about. Tell me what you think
  5. How To Throw An Authentic Indian Wedding

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ID:	199Indian weddings have always been known for their grandeur and fun atmosphere, but when it comes to planning them, it's a whole different ball game. With the amount of events leading up to the wedding and the what-seems-like 40 different rituals within the ceremony itself, it can be overwhelming for brides-to-be.

    So let's break it down. Remember, because of the numerous sub-cultures within the country, there are several different versions of what people consider
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  6. No Wedding Rice Doesn't Make Birds Explode.

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ID:	188The act of throwing rice at a newly married couple has been a tradition for thousands of years, possibly going back as far as the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians. The idea is to give the newlyweds good luck, fertility, and abundance using this symbol of a good crop.

    More recently, wedding meddlers have cautioned against throwing rice because it can kill birds who swoop down and eat it after the human revelers have left for the reception.
    The rice grains,
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