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  1. Bridesmaids Wedding Survival Kit | Wedding Day Emergency Bag

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    Your best friend of all time has just announced she is getting married, and asks that you be one of her attendants. This means that you will have an active participation in the wedding of the century, and you can't wait!

    Accepting the honor of being in the bridal party brings with it a lot of responsibility and social contract that must be upheld. The main responsibility of a bridesmaid is to smooth over the pasage from single-hood to marriage for the ...
  2. Wedding Planning Advice | 45 Wedding Tips | 3 of 5 Part Series

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    25. Bridal Radiance

    Your true bridal glow will come from within and show to everyone. It will be apparent in your smile, voice and mannerisms. Another reason to allow others assist you in your planning, hire professionals and allow them to do their job without you dictating every move.

    This is one of the greatest days of your life, enjoy it to the fullest.

    27. Selecting The Wedding Dress ...
  3. Wedding Day Fragrance | Discovering Your Signature Wedding Day Perfume

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    Wedding day fragrance is a commonly overlooked aspect of the wedding day when in the planning phase. You undoubtedly have and are using one or a few favorite fragrances already but the wedding day is going to be a memorable day. You should seek out and find a signature wedding day perfume that will add to this once in a lifetime event.

    To many the scent of a bride may seem a trivial element to your wedding day, but the fact is fragrances are often the ...
  4. 12 Bridal Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Day

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    I have never come across any bride that didn't want to look her best on her wedding day! By following these beauty tips you can rest assured you will look your utmost best and be picture perfect.

    1. You never want to try something new a few days before any big event in case something might go wrong, such as a skin reaction. Schedule your first facial a few months before the wedding (just in case your skin encounters any problems). You can then follow ...
  5. How To Make Your Wedding Stress Free | 10 Stress Free Tips For Your Wedding Day

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    If you are looking to make your wedding day stress free, here are several items you need to consider when planning the wedding.

    Book the church, venue, DJ and Photographer well in advance.
    Bakery’s, florists, and bridal shops are able to handle wedding services for more than one day at a time. The wedding DJ, photographer, church and venue most likely cannot. The exception would be a venue with more than one event room available for rent. and ...
  6. Pre Wedding Beauty Tips For Every Bride

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    All brides would like to look radiant on their wedding day, and they absolutely can with just a few bits of pre wedding beauty tips. During the entire wedding day the bride will mostly be the center of attention in the room, so looking good is important. Having a polished look is therefore not an optional. The whole challenge is, how can I get this gorgeous radiant beauty in such little time. Below we have listed some beauty tips on how to achieve that radiance ...
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