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  1. Cute Ideas For Your Flower Girl | Flower Girls Ideas

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    Aside from the bride, only one other person in the wedding ceremony will have guests admiring the beauty as only a flower girl can. Precious and sweet, walking down the aisle dropping flower petals along the crash, who couldn't resist saying...ahhh?

    While a simple white dress is probably all that you would need, we thought we would share a few other dress attire items. These cute ideas for your flower girl can be so subtle yet make your little princess ...
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  2. Expert Tips For Choosing A Wedding Veil | Advice On Veil Selection

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    Wedding veils continue to be a must-have for the vast majority of brides these days. It's almost like the icing on the cake. Everyone expects to see a veil of some type on todays bride. There are several styles available so we would like to offer you some expert tips for choosing a wedding veil.

    A- Just like wedding dresses, veils come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it's well advised to always try on lots of different styles. Your final choice
  3. Different Levels Of Formality In A Wedding | Which Is Right For You?

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    How formal you wish your wedding to be will be determined early on in the wedding planning timeline. Determining how formal you want your wedding to be, will help you to establish the basis for your overall wedding strategy. What level of formality you select determines, to a great extent, the overall expense of your wedding. Obviously the more formal the style, the more expensive the event will be.

    You will find that there are basically 4 levels of ...
  4. Different Types of Wedding Bustles | How To Bustle A Wedding Gown

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    The history of a wedding bustle began in the 1800's when "stylish women" would wear a frame under their wedding gown to support the back of their dress. The Victorian fashion style would help to make the bride's waist look smaller, thus being the one favored.

    These days the bustle is primarily used to lift and keep the gowns train off of the floor. This makes it a little more comfortable as you move around dancing, or visiting guests. There ...
  5. Why Don't Gentlemen Button the Bottom Button On Tuxedo & Suit Jackets?

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    You can attribute this fashion guideline to King Edward VII, the British monarch from 1901 thru till his death in 1910. King Edward loved to eat so much that his tailors were often having to adjust his attire. It actually became quite a problem with his ballooning belly.

    One day seeking relief from tight fitting waistcoat King Edward unbuttoned the bottom button. When the other members of the court noticed this them emulated it, as the king was the ...