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  1. Tips For A Successful Wedding Toast | Ideas For Toasting The Bride and Groom

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    I honestly cannot recall us doing a wedding that did not have at least one toast to the newlyweds. It goes without saying that someone will offer a toast to the bride and groom just prior to the start of dinner. Although speaking before a large group of strangers it can be a daunting task but here we can offer a few tips for a successful wedding toast.

    1. Toast the Newlyweds With Humor
    Humor plays a very important part in our life, it helps us ...
  2. How To Select Your Bridesmaids and Matron/Maid of Honor

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    Presently now in the United States the average wedding will contain 4 bridesmaids, plus 1 maid or matron of honor. We have had upwards of 14 couples but these are few and far between.

    Selecting your bridal party is a way of recognizing and honoring those close to you if not related to you. Usually the maid or matron of honor is a sister while the best man is a brother. This not always need be the case as your closest friends will often be considered at the ...
  3. Who Pays For The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

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    Rehearsal dinner, who pays?

    The traditional wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette dictates that the groom's parents pay for the event. This shows the bride's side of the family that the groom's mom is capable of entertaining too. With more and more couples choosing to pay for their own wedding it has become okay to share the expense of the rehearsal dinner or even pay for it themselves. Nonetheless whoever pays for the dinner has the last word on the ...
  4. Valentine's Day Statistics | Interesting Facts About Valentine's Day

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    With Valentine's Day next week I thought I would share with everyone some little know statistics pertaining to this holiday for lovers. This information comes to us via advertising and marketing research companies. If you are planning on sending that loved one flowers or a card on Valentine's Day you better get busy and not wait until the last moment.

    According to a recent survey the annual Valentine's Day spending will exceed $13.19 billion dollars. ...
  5. Italian Wedding Tradition | Tarantella Dance

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    If you have ever attended an Italian wedding or celebration you would have heard and maybe danced to the rhythmic song of the tarantella. The most popular of all the Italian songs and it is even believed by many as the song of Italy. The Tarantella song is both lively and graceful and consisting of light and quick steps mixed with passionate gestures. The origin dates back to the Middles Ages with traces of a very similar song can even be found in Magna Graecia.
  6. Wedding Rituals | A Brief Lesson In Wedding Traditions

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    Wedding rituals have been around since almost the dawn of mankind, or woman kind so to speak. Curious and strange wedding traditions that at some point in time every bride asks; "Why do guests throw rice at a wedding" or "Why is there a bridal shower?"

    Those and many more are explained below giving you a brief lesson in wedding rituals and traditions.

    Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue