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  1. Wedding Up-Lighting | LED Wireless Up-Lighting

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    Up-lighting at a wedding reception or other event refers to adding color, or colors along the walls of the venue, and or illuminating any pillars or archways if desired. If properly placed up-lighting fixtures can change an ordinary or well decorated room into something breath taking with light.

    Over the last several years wedding up-lighting has changed for the better. No longer are there unsightly wires and power cables running along the walls of
  2. Wedding Cake Mapping | Video Projection Mapping | Spatial Augmented Reality

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    Recently there has been a lot of talk and searching for a new trend in the wedding industry called “Wedding Cake Mapping” or more commonly referred to as “Video Projection Mapping”. It isn’t a new concept but in light of Disney’s video of a wedding cake illuminated up with Tinkerbell, a moving horse drawn carriage and pixie dust shown onto a wedding cake, more and more brides are seeking to have this at their event.

    Projection mapping or the original ...
  3. Wedding "Wanna-Be" Trends That Won't Make It

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    There are some bloggers or wedding companies that are quick to whip up a so called wedding trend to draw attention to themselves in hopes of social popularity. Often times those judgments seem unreasonable such as the short wedding dress trend. But when media outlets proclaim donkey weddings, or marijuana weddings as the hot new wedding fad, we can't but say "What are they thinking?

    Here are 8 of those Wanna-Be wedding fads that we can't even believe
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  4. 15 Wedding Trends For 2015 | Popular Trends For 2015 Weddings

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    1. Britain Invades Again
    Think afternoon garden and tea parties with uncovered tables or a simple vintage lace cloth. Look for hanging garland or small baskets of floral centerpieces. Princess Kate is still influencing brides as they seek a new style for their wedding.

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    2. Top Blooming Flowers
    Beautiful and full english roses, stunning colorful hydrangeas, dahlias, sweet smelling peonies, and ranunculus will continue ...