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  1. Italian Wedding Tradition | Tarantella Dance

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    If you have ever attended an Italian wedding or celebration you would have heard and maybe danced to the rhythmic song of the tarantella. The most popular of all the Italian songs and it is even believed by many as the song of Italy. The Tarantella song is both lively and graceful and consisting of light and quick steps mixed with passionate gestures. The origin dates back to the Middles Ages with traces of a very similar song can even be found in Magna Graecia.
  2. Top List Of Popular Line Dances | Best Line Dance List

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    Best Line Dance List

    Every party or wedding you go to will have at least one line dance song played. It could be new, old, pop, country or all around just an old time novelty song. Either way it's a good way to get people off their rumps and out on the dance floor. This top list of line dances was written to familiarize folks of the many line dances out there.

    It brings friends, family members and coworkers together for a round of dancing. Many
  3. Top 50 Most Requested Father & Daughter Dance Songs for Your Wedding

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    These top 50 most requested father & daughter dance songs for your wedding only represent a small portion of the available parent dances that you may choose from. This list has been compiled from numerous sources including our own couples, other professional DJ's and music services.

    If you notice there are many that are country genre oriented. This has come about partly due to the fact many of these artists have been crossing over into other genres
  4. Should Wedding Guests Be Allowed To Make Song Requests

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    Whether or not to allow wedding guests to make song requests, I leave up to the discretion of the bride and groom. This is their wedding and I would not discourage anything unless I felt it would become awkward, offensive or dangerous. Allowing guests to make requests is fine with me, providing it fits within the newlyweds parameters. It can actually assist me in heightening the excitement by informing me of a song that the couple, and their guests may enjoy that
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