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  1. Serving Liquor At Your Wedding | What Are Your Options?

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    While most weddings you attend serve alcohol of some kind, and traditional etiquette suggests you serve some form of beverage, it isn’t necessary to offer alcohol. Should you choose to offer some alcoholic beverages at your wedding reception you have a few options available to you.

    Let’s consider your choices:

    Limited Bar
    You are the one who limits what is served to your guests. Most often a limited bar consists of beer, wine and ...
  2. 10 Great Holiday & New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas

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    It always seems like the end of year is when many couples fall in love. Every song on the radio or club seems to push you closer to asking, "Will you marry me?" To make your marriage proposal unique and memorable here are 10 great holiday & New Year’s Eve proposal ideas.
    Browse them over and if you discover one that touches your fancy, fine tune it to your style and “wow” the one you love. Pull it off in style and her friends and family will
  3. 12 Bridal Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Day

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    I have never come across any bride that didn't want to look her best on her wedding day! By following these beauty tips you can rest assured you will look your utmost best and be picture perfect.

    1. You never want to try something new a few days before any big event in case something might go wrong, such as a skin reaction. Schedule your first facial a few months before the wedding (just in case your skin encounters any problems). You can then follow ...
  4. Romantic Ceremony Backdrops | Write Your Vows On A Wedding Runner

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    Looking for a unique way to show off your wedding vows consider this unique DIY project. Inexpensive to make but will require a little bit of time on your part but could be completed in one evening.

    Stop by the local office supple or craft store and purchase a white roll of paper. After doing a little bit of measuring, both of you can write your vows, or a poem or perhaps thoughts about each other on the roll of paper. You need to do so in a manner ...
  5. Wedding "Wanna-Be" Trends That Won't Make It

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    There are some bloggers or wedding companies that are quick to whip up a so called wedding trend to draw attention to themselves in hopes of social popularity. Often times those judgments seem unreasonable such as the short wedding dress trend. But when media outlets proclaim donkey weddings, or marijuana weddings as the hot new wedding fad, we can't but say "What are they thinking?

    Here are 8 of those Wanna-Be wedding fads that we can't even believe
    Social Media , Trends
  6. Different Types of Wedding Bustles | How To Bustle A Wedding Gown

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    The history of a wedding bustle began in the 1800's when "stylish women" would wear a frame under their wedding gown to support the back of their dress. The Victorian fashion style would help to make the bride's waist look smaller, thus being the one favored.

    These days the bustle is primarily used to lift and keep the gowns train off of the floor. This makes it a little more comfortable as you move around dancing, or visiting guests. There ...
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