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  1. Wedding Anniversary Wine Box Tradition | Unique Anniversary Wine Boxes

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    Couples are consistently seeking new ways to make their own wedding ceremony fun and unique. Have a wedding anniversary wine box tradition at their ceremony is yet one more possibility to consider to achieve such a thing.

    There are a few variables to this but basically during the ceremony, the Officiant will announce that the couple has each privately written a love letter sharing how they feel towards each other. These letters along with a bottle ...
  2. Wedding Quotes For Your Marriage | Quotes On Love

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    When designing your wedding ceremony programs it is a nice touch to add a quote or two about love and marriage. This is a very special time and one that involves bringing two people so in love they cannot imagine being without them. Adding a wedding quote for your marriage upon the program, or perhaps on your head table can be that one extra touch making your event, very unique.

    Here are just a few of our favorite quotes on love that we think you may ...
  3. Wedding Table Number Ideas | Unique Table Ideas For Your Wedding

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    Unless you are having a sit anywhere you like wedding reception you are going to need table numbers for your wedding. There are so many great and unique ideas for numbering and identifying tables it can make your head spin.

    Understandably you want your reception to be very memorable and here is one other way to accomplish that happen. Consider first of all your wedding theme, is it formal, rustic, sports related etc. There are numerous ways that you ...
  4. Wedding Ceremony Readings | Religious Scriptures For Your Wedding

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    Planning your wedding also means that you will be selecting the scripture readings for your ceremony. You may speak to your Priest, Pastor or Officiant on suggestions that would be appropriate for your day should you need assistance. Scripture readings can talk about love, faith, the relationship between the two of you or for God's purpose.

    It is important to select the correct biblical verse or reading and it is a sign of a good relationship between ...
  5. Honor Deceased Loved Ones At Your Wedding | 11 Loving Ways

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    Your wedding day is a very unique celebration of your love for that certain person in your life. It makes sense to want to include your closest friends and family for this day. However sometimes there are those special family members who have passed away and remembering them on your wedding day is a great way to honor their memory.

    There are many ways to reflect upon your grandmother, grandfather or perhaps your parents or sibling who are no longer ...
  6. 10 Wedding Tips From Former Brides

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    I get asked this frequently, "Should we have our first dance before or after dinner?" and the same question only with cutting the wedding cake. "I haven't decided if I am going to toss the throw away bouquet or not" is also a common topic of discussion. So many decisions to make for this big day with all of your friends and family in attendance.

    Ask 20 people and you will get 20 different answers, so here are 10 wedding tips from ...
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