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  1. Bridal Shower Games | The "Almost" Newlywed Game

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    If you are hosting a bridal shower then you know you will have to have some bridal shower games at the party. Most games are simple and have been used for a long time however, we have one exciting game everyone will absolutely love. It's called the "Almost" Newlywed Game.

    This game will take a little bit of advance planning but will generate a lot of laughter and surprise answers you and the guests were not expecting. You will need to create ...
  2. Children's Games | Spoon & String Contest

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    For the Spoon and String Contest you will need a little bit of preparation at home. Get a few older spoons that you will no longer need. Drill an 1/8th inch hole through the end of the handle of each spoon. Hit it with a piece of sand paper or file so that there are no burs remaining.

    You will also need a few spools of string, preferably the kind that is reasonable thick and has a waxed coating. Attach each spool of string to one spoon thru the hole.
  3. Panty Hose & Oranges Relay Race | Polo Panty Hose Contest

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    We do more than just weddings. Children's party's and dances are also one of our speciality. Here is an exciting game for adults and children that can create a lot of excitement at your next event.

    This contest can be used for both children and adults. Intensity can and will become high as competitors swing a nylon stocking between their legs to move an orange across the floor to the finish line. It's absolutely hysterical watching adults perform in