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  1. Wedding Place Cards | Why They Make For A Better Reception

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    Wedding place cards (also referred to as guest cards) are prewritten cards with the names of each guest, and along with a table number on the card. This simplifies guests locating their proper seats quickly and efficiently. Occasionally in lieu of place cards a couple will have made a large name chart that is framed and placed in the front lobby. Either way these make for a better reception and here's why.

    A. Imagine that it's your wedding and you ...
  2. Wedding Guest Tote Bags | Welcome Bags For Wedding Guests

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    Imagine you are traveling to a friend or family members wedding, and upon arriving at the hotel desk to check in, you are handed a beautiful gift. It's called a wedding guest tote bag and it is just amazing to receive one. A bag filled with a number of items all meticulously selected to make your stay so much more enjoyable.

    Welcome bags for wedding guests are not anything new but have become so much more creative with regards to their contents. It's ...
  3. 27 Mason Jar Wedding Favor Ideas | Quick & Simple Guest Favors With Glass Jars

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    Trying to come up with unique yet simple and inexpensive wedding favors can be challenging at times. Here are 27 ideas for mason jar wedding favors that you and your bridesmaids can make easily that will have your guests wanting more.

    For quick & simple guest favors with glass jars head to your local super mart or supply house and purchase enough for every guest, or one per couple. Mason jars, or mugs come in a variety of sizes so choose the one ...
  4. Inexpensive Wedding Favors | Simple Wedding Favors On A Limited Budget

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    If your budget has you looking at inexpensive wedding favors then here you will find 5 simple wedding favors ideas. With favors being given as a token of thanks to your guests you need not spend a fortune on smart clever gifts. We have a few ideas that you may use that will not only save you money but will still please your friends and family with your thoughtfulness.

    5 Ideas For Wedding Budget Favors

    1. CANDY Giving candy as favors ...