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    by Published on 11-16-2012 10:34 AM
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    There are many considerations in selecting the correct venue for your wedding celebration. Whether you realize it or not before you decide upon the venue you must determine what mood or style of a wedding you are having. Will your wedding be traditional, relaxed or creative? Going from a formal ceremony to a backyard BBQ may seem a bit odd though it is your day.

    Think about your invitations, dress style etc. These all play in part the mood of your big day. Once you have decided upon what type of reception you like now you can begin selecting 3 or 4 venues.

    Some things you will need to consider in choosing a venue are;
    A-Is the venue convenient to the two families (or more) and my guests? Having a wedding reception far away from the church or ceremony site or inconvenient to the groom's family may not be a good choice.