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  • Friday Wedding Benefits | 12 Advantages Friday Night Wedding

    These 12 advantages for a Friday Wedding are a few of the reasons so many couples are considering them.

    With over 2.3 million couples are getting married in the U.S. each year, and that number is expected to grow as the "echo boom", children of the baby boomers are moving into the engagement zone.

    The brides and grooms of today are more sophisticated than ever before, they have a higher education and better career
    opportunities. Because of these 3 factors brides are getting married later than brides of the past years. The average age of brides today is 29, and the groom's age is 30.

    Having only 52 Saturday's a year, and along with the current economic crunch, today's couples are again looking into planning a Friday marriage. Many Saturday's are booking over a year in advance. This is one reason brides are taking longer to plan their nuptials, to get that special Saturday they have long dreamed of.

    Couples are getting engaged then quickly discover that many venues and the professional vendors are already booked thru next season. This leaving brides and grooms opting for waiting to get married or become one of the newer trend setters of having their event on a Friday.

    Before you shoot down the idea of an other-than Saturday marriage, contemplate the following 12 benefits of getting married on a Friday.

    1- More available venue dates to choose from as opposed to Saturday's. "Since Friday weddings still are not as popular as Saturday weddings, brides find that they do not need to compromise as much." says Rebecca Hilbert, Senior Catering Sales Manager for Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/South Pointe. "They typically are able to get the venue that they want on the date they want." Rebecca also mentions; "I would caution May brides as Friday’s in May are prom Fridays so you could find yourself limited on availability during that time."

    2- You have a greater chance of getting a discount from your vendors such as photographers, DJ's, florists, bakeries and more. Rebecca also states; "Friday weddings are becoming ever more popular. The benefit of a Friday wedding is typically many vendors offer discounts on non-Saturday events."

    Though not guaranteed, ask your vendors if they offer a discount for a Friday wedding. There are some couples who have reported overall savings of 25%. With a current expense of a wedding close to $28,000, excluding the honeymoon, that can mean a lot of savings.

    3- Plan your ceremony at the reception site and your guests won't have to travel between the church and hall. This will allow you to keep dinner at a reasonable hour. Immediately following the ceremony guests may attend the cocktail hour without driving to the reception.

    4- "Friday weddings are frequently of interest for many couples who appreciate having a day after to relax with each other or their families before they start their honeymoon." says Paul Meyer of Paul Meyer Photography. "By not rushing to the airport on Sunday morning after a late night of celebrating you'll feel better upon arrival. Your families can provide you with support after the wedding day such as packing the gifts, returning rented items like tuxedos and decor."

    5- Having your wedding on a Friday allows you plenty of time to relax for a Saturday brunch before your guests have to head back home to work on Monday. Paul adds; "It gives you the opportunity to say good-bye in a leisurely manner to extended families who may have traveled some distance for your wedding but whom you may have not had spent any significant time with."

    6- You will find a greater availability for a rehearsal dinner at a restaurant on a Thursday night than Friday. This makes for a greater possibility of a discount or maybe a free dessert.

    7- It leaves the weekend open for your guests to enjoy their Saturday. "I've heard from some of our Friday brides that their RSVP rate was about 97% attending." claims Cyndy of Paul Meyer Photography. "People have fewer events competing for their time, since most picnics, weddings etc. take place on Saturdays." Some may even experience another event on Saturday making it possible to attend both celebrations.

    8- You will find that hotels generally have a greater availability for your guests stay over on a Friday than Saturday.

    9- Friday weddings can be planned in a shorter time span than Saturday's since more venues and vendors are available. Some couples don't want to wait over a year to plan the wedding. With more Fridays open they can enjoy their nuptials earlier.
    10- You can sleep in longer with a Friday night wedding. No more getting up at the crack of dawn to get your hair and nails done since your ceremony will be held later. Many Friday ceremonies begin at 5-5:30 allowing more time for guests to get home from work, and you more time for sleeping in.

    11- Some wedding vendors will toss in free-be's such as a free photo album, free baked goods from your bakery, free dessert table from the venue, free chair covers etc. They greatly appreciate the business and may reward. This helps to ensure that you will spread the word how professional and thoughtful they were, which translates into more business for them from brides you may refer.

    12- Having your wedding on a Friday
    gives some of your guests and family members a legitimate reason to leave work early. A few may work thru lunch, go in early or only work a half day so as to make it to the grand event. Who doesn't like to get out of work early especially on a Friday.

    A few things to consider before you pick up the phone and start booking your Friday vendors. If you have your wedding on a 3 day weekend you may not see as big of a savings as traditional 2 day weekends.

    If you are having your Friday wedding at a church or off venue site area give thought to any rush hour traffic. You're probably going to need more time to get to the reception. Take the drive sometime on a Friday and cl

    Not everyone will be as flexible with getting home from work then making it to your ceremony. Off-set this with a video montage of your ceremony played at the reception for those guests who were unable to attend the marriage.

    Ask your photographer in advance if they can accommodate you with this. Generally they can put together a simple DVD of various pictures of your wedding ceremony to be played after dinner near the cake or in the case of Pittsburgh, the cookie table.

    Rebecca from the Hilton also recommends; "That for a Friday reception that save-the-dates are sent. Save-the-dates are not as popular as they once were but they are useful in this case as Friday receptions take just a little more planning on the part of the guests and this provides them with the information to do so."

    Some couples are extending their celebrating later into the evening with an "after party". Whether at the venue or back at the hotel you may wish to really kick off the weekend with a little after party festivities.

    Brides-to-be the bottom line is you need to decide what is best for the two of you. Will a Friday, or even Sunday wedding fit into your schedule or do you need to stick with the event on Saturday. Not all Saturdays are unavailable. Look into having your wedding in the off months of January thru March or even April. These typically book up after September thru October and May thru July.

    What ever you decide, your day will be spectacular, and just possibly the Friday wedding benefits just may work. Consider these 12 advantages of Friday Night Wedding. Save the date everyone.

    Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/South Pointe
    Rebecca is the senior catering manager at the Hilton Garden Inn South Pointe and has been coordinating with brides for 13 years. Along with her professional staff they are able to give your wedding the full attention it, and you greatly deserve.

    Paul Meyer Photography
    Paul has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Along with his wife Cyndy, they have blended a photojournalism and guided portrait technique that has made them one of the premiere wedding photographers in the Pittsburgh area.

    Photos courtesy Hilton Garden Inn South Pointe and Google Images

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