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    The wedding reception, a time for celebration. If you are planning a reception you know how important a Pittsburgh Wedding DJ can be to your event. The DJs in Pittsburgh are the one's who have the greatest impact upon you and your guests when it comes to the enjoyment. Long after the wedding day your guests will begin to forget what they had for dinner or what color your flowers were, however they will remember either how much fun they hard or how bad the entertainment was that evening.

    The simplest way I can explain what we do for our couples is we run the reception for you! Throughout the entire planning process we are assisting you in the customization of your wedding. We offer advice, suggestions and a vast amount of resources to aide you in the design of your reception. This way on the day of your wedding we know exactly what you want allowing you the freedom to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

    Approximately one month prior to the big day we will sit down with you and customize a wedding reception that you will be proud of and will have your guests bragging about what a great time they had. From the type of music you want, the order of events and even the correct pronunciation of everyones name.

    Unless otherwise indicated we wear full tuxedo attire and with a vast selection of vests and shirts, we try to match your bridal party's colors.

    We will work with your other professionals such as the venue captain, photographer etc., so that everyone is ready for all the formalities of the evening. We keep all the parents and bridal party up to date with what formalities are forthcoming so they too may enjoy themselves.

    We have always used high quality professional sound equipment and currently use the Bose L1 and L2 Pan Array speakers. The Bose provides unsurpassed sound quality making it easy for your guests to clearly hear all of our announcements. A wireless microphone so that your best man may stand right next to you as they toast the newlyweds.

    Dance lighting is also provided to spice up the dance floor. No laser beams or strobes, just tasteful designs and colors making the dance floor very inviting.

    With over 40,000 different songs ranging from the Big Band era thru today, along with many genres and ethnic music we are able to offer a huge variety of music for your guests to enjoy. All of our selections are of MP4 quality (highest quality availably) and we play at a volume level that is enjoyable to your guests.

    Bringing adequate back up equipment is a must and are always prepared just in case. We bring along another full system in the event of emergencies.

    We are very versatile with our personality ranging from conservative to outgoing or anywhere in between. We enjoy interacting with your guests on the dance floor and have discovered it helps to keep the event going maximizing the fun and excitement.

    We use a contract that is easy to read and understand spelling out the details of your event so that there are no misunderstandings. It guarantees us for your day and the peace of mind that you are in the hands of a professional.

    We offer one package that includes everything mentioned above. There are no hidden fees, taxes or expenses. Your event can be as short as 4 hours or as long as you like. Due to the fact that every event is different and that we do travel outside Pennsylvania, we ask that you contact us for a no obligation quote.

    If you would like to schedule a no obligation, no pressure meeting please contact us by phone or email to meet at a location that is convenient to you. From there we can answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have. Because this is an important decision to make I leave you free to think about your decision and contact us should you like to pursue our services.

    I thank you for your time and wish the two of you the greatest time of your lives together. For additional information about how the DJs in Pittsburgh can customize your big day, contact Pittsburgh Wedding DJ Rockin Steve at;

    CONTACT US 412-418-7535
    DJ Steve Credo
    Email djrockinsteve@comcast.net