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    The wedding music that we traditionally play for your cocktail hour consists of several genres and artists over the years. The songs for your social hour are intended to get your guests in the mood for a wonderful evening. Played at a comfortable level people are able to socialize and share pleasantries.

    When you and your bridal party are finished getting your pictures you may join your guests for a brief period if time allows for light hors d'oeuvres and a beverage. Should cocktail hour be in a separate location from the dining area, we will play similar songs in both areas for everyone during their room transition.

    Our music selections vary from wedding to wedding so listing exactly what we play is impossible. We will play whatever you like however we ask that you consider your guests in this decision.

    Some examples of what we may play during cocktail hour are;

    Michael Buble', Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Dean Martin. For those of you who would prefer some ethnic music for your guests we can accommodate that as well. From Italian, Arabian, Hindi and more. Imagine how surprised your relatives would be hearing a few of their ethnic favorites.

    Whether your cocktail hour is inside or outside, in a separate area from the dining and/or dancing area or not we are fully capable in providing a level of music that is comfortable and enjoyable to your guests.

    Upon your arrival to the venue we will greet you at the door and escort you to your bridal suite if applicable. There everyone can get refreshed and prepare for the grand entrance. After we have briefly reviewed all the details, confirmed name pronunciations and gotten everyone in their proper order you will be escorted to the main entrance for introductions.

    Should you have specific wedding music requests for your cocktail hour I'm sure we would be able to accommodate you.


    DJ Steve Credo