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  • Giving A Toast | How To Give A Great Toast

    If you have been asked to give a toast at a wedding then you should feel honored. Only those closest to the bride and groom are considered for such a task. Below you will find tips and advice on preparing and giving a toast.

    Unless you are known by the majority of the guests it is best to introduce yourself and identify your relationship to the couple (brother and best man, uncle etc.). Following you may proceed with your toast.

    Start off the toast regarding how wonderful, gorgeous etc. the ceremony we have all just witnessed was. A toast will have a beginning, a middle then an end. Do yourself a favor and write down your toast. Do not plan on an impromptu toast unless you are good at this. Best to leave this for the professionals.

    Write down a few thoughts about the couple, focus on their positive qualities and what those who love them have to say about them. Do they have common interests or passions in their life?

    If you wish to take a trip down memory lane it's best kept to a memory involving both the bride and groom, not you and one of them. This is a toast about them, not you. Was there something interesting about how or where they first met or perhaps their engagement.

    Keep the toast personal, friendly and brief. Do not insert jokes or feel you have to entertain everyone here. Odds are you are not a true comedian. One very important thought is your toast tho may be forgotten by the guests, will be remembered forever by the bride and groom.

    If you need help in coming up with a toast please browse our page GREAT TOASTS FOR A WEDDING ideas. If you have been drinking prior to the toast it's best you not give one. Giving a toast drunk is embarrassing and will lead to hardship between you and the couple.

    Prior to the toast make sure you are presentable for the cameras and video cameras. Straighten your hair, tuck in your shirt or blouse and button your jacket. You are about to be immortalized in the wedding memories.

    If you have been given the honor to give the toast then you should be respectful and not mention previous girlfriends, boyfriends, or if applicable spouses. Remember, nothing embarrassing. Do not mention anything regarding the cost of the wedding or comment on the wedding gifts.

    Other items that are off limits are any future plans the couple may have confided in you such as a pregnancy, children and no jokes regarding their honeymoon.

    Finish up the toast on a happy and high note. Examples include health, happiness a prosperous future etc. Then ask all to raise their glasses and join you in the wedding toast "To (Brides Name) and (Grooms Name)...." You may top off your toast with an ethnic phrase such as, Cheers! or the ethnic Salut!, L'chaim!, A votre sante!, Za vashe zdorovye!, Prosit!, Skal! et cetera.

    Other helpful tips for a great and successful toast;
    1- Keep It Short. 3 to 5 mins. max.
    2.-Focus upon the couple, not yourself or your marriage.
    3.-Remember their parents will most likely be present.
    4. Rehearse the toast a few days prior to the wedding.
    5. Write your toast on a card, avoid sheets of paper chicken scratched.
    6. Be sincere towards the couple and face them during the toast.
    7. Hold the microphone close to your mouth so your toast will be heard by all.
    8. Lastly, smile and be confident.


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