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    The wedding songs we play for dinner music varies greatly depending upon several factors. The location of your venue, your personal preferences along with the age group of your guests are all factors. Generally we start out with easy listening music then later on during dinner we tend to pick up the tempo with some motown music or some adult contemporary hits from today. Every wedding is different as your preferences and your guests likes vary.

    Once the toast and blessing has concluded we head into the dining portion of the evening. Whether it be a buffet, sit down or stations, you and your bridal party will be given the first opportunity to dine. Take this time to enjoy yourself and relax, after all, it's probably the first chance you had all day to sit down.

    As a general rule of thumb we like to play to the crowd. We will have reviewed with you in advance what dinner music selections you would like played but we watch your guests closely and are able to see what makes them tap their toes etc.

    If you have any specific selections that is fine with us however we ask that you do consider your guests musical liking in your decisions. Generally we start out with some nice romantic music played at a comfortable level so you and all of your guests may have a nice conversation without screaming over the music.

    After about 30 minutes everyone should have received their meal and those first served will be finishing. You may like to head to the bridal suite to get freshened up and/or begin mingling with your guests. This is the time we like to start to pick up the tempo with some great toe tappin' and sing along songs such as My Girl by the Temptations, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and others that will start to put your guests into that party mode.

    We do mix in newer music so all ages may enjoy themselves. By the time dinner has completed everyone, including you will be ready to get the party started. If you need to finish up any formal dances we will be sure to inquire with you if you are ready, then inform your parents and bridal party so everyone is in the room and ready. We even coordinate with your photographer/videographer so they don't miss a thing and all those great photo opportunities get captured.

    Once the formalities have been completed we off to party packing the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

    Once again the dinner wedding music we play varies and we do our best to play wedding dinner songs that your guests will enjoy listening to while they enjoy their meal.


    DJ Steve Credo