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    Planning the proper wedding itinerary is very important and is an integral part of the wedding day. You want all the different segments of the day to flow with ease, not be choppy or erratic. There are several formalities that you may or may not wish to do at the reception. Some can be done anytime while others need to be planned at a specific order.

    The basis of the entire itinerary will be your ceremony. For the specific order of the ceremony see CEREMONY ORDER. You will need ample time to get married, send your guests to the reception and allow yourself enough time for pictures.

    This can be tricky as you do not want to take a long drive around town for two hours while your guests await your arrival at the reception venue. Work with your photographer as to what pictures you need and where they will be taken. In all reality you only have 30-45 minutes since you will need to get your gown bustled, refreshen makeup, then get in order for bridal introductions. This is irrelevant if your ceremony is very early and guests know that the reception does not start until much later.

    The next item to consider is what time will dinner be served. Since the time of dinner cannot be changed by the disc jockey or photographer, all other formalities will revolve around the dinner. Once the time dinner is to be served is chosen, you can work backwards for cocktail hour, introductions, toast and the blessing. For the latter 3 items you will need approx. 15-20 minutes depending upon the size of your bridal party.

    Over the last few years many couples are being introduced then engaging in their first dance. This flows very well as you have a captive audience. People are not at the bar, in the rest room or outside smoking so it's makes good sense to have your first dance at this time. If you would rather have your first dance after dinner this is still fine, you will just have to break away from your mingling to do so.

    Depending upon the number of guests you have at your reception and if you are serving wedding cake for dessert, the venue may want you to cut your cake before dinner. What many folks don't realize is it takes time to slice and plate 200 pieces for your guests. If you wait until after dinner to cut the cake then the serving may be late. Once guests start drinking no one will want to eat their dessert.

    This can be offset if you have extra sheet cakes in the kitchen that the staff may start slicing before ever cut it and be ready to bring them out immediately following the cake cutting formality. Another option is not to serve it for dessert but allow guests to take theirs home in a container to enjoy the next day. All you need do is supply the wax bags or plastic containers and have the staff place them on a table to be picked up as your guests make their way home.

    If you plan on having your first dance, cake cutting, toast and blessing after the introductions you will most likely need 20-25 minutes prior to dinner for these formalities. Speak to your venue coordinator as to when they would like you to cut your cake then inform your DJ so that they will have time to get everyone in order.

    Thank goodness it's dinner time! Most likely you have been too nervous or excited to each much if anything at all today so this brings a big relief to your stomach. In addition it's probably the first time you got to sit down. Take time and enjoy your meal, you deserve it. Take time to look around the room, chat with your bridal party and take in all your hard work paying off.

    When you have finished your meal, enjoyed a cold beverage and are starting to get your second wind you may wish to head to the ladies room and do a quick makeup checkup. After all you need to look your best for the rest of the wedding pictures. Upon returning to the reception room you two may wish to mingle and thank your guests for attending your marriage celebration. You will need to keep it brief seeing the guests as time is ticking away and most likely now your DJ has moved into playing some upbeat after dinner songs.

    If you are planning on the Father and Daughter Dance and/or the Mother and Son Dance you may wish to schedule it immediately following dinner. This way you and your parents will be finished eating and while your guests are getting coffee and cake you may start off the dancing. If you had chosen to have your first dance at this time then the parent dances could follow.

    Now that your guests, and yourselves have been fed it's time to start off some great dancing. Let's get the lights dimmed and play something to dance to. Party for awhile to give your guests a chance to move around, stretch their legs and use the facilities if need be. After approx. 30-40 minutes if you had any other formalities to attend to such as a bridal dance, bouquet toss etc. you could place them here.

    We have seen a decline in the bridal or money dance and the bouquet and garter toss. The newlyweds are more interested in dancing to some great party songs. Should you choose to have a bouquet toss be sure you have single ladies present or at least invited. The garter removal would follow then the garter toss by the groom. Some brides and grooms stop here but a few still have the woman who caught the bouquet have the garter placed upon her leg by the gentleman who caught the garter.

    This way all your formalities will be concluded within 1 hour following dinner and this leaves you plenty of time for dancing if your heart desires. Speak to your venue coordinator and your disc jockey, who should be running the events for you, as to the order and will everything flow well keeping your guests content.

    Your wedding itinerary if planned correctly will allow everything to flow smoothly leaving you a fantastic day to remember. I hope this has helped you with the itinerary for your wedding day.


    DJ Steve Credo