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    Use Wedding Up Lighting To Spice Up Your Reception.

    Adding up lighting to your reception venue enhances and will make the room come alive with color. Whether it's a deep purple, blue or any other color you choose your guests will be astounded just how beautiful the reception hall appears.

    Need wedding lighting ideas?

    It can be used to highlight the entire venue or just to add a splash of color
    to the head table, entrance areas or near the dance floor. You decide. Up lighting is versatile and be intense or offer just a hint of color to the walls. Many colors are available so go ahead and incorporate your bridal colors to the overall appearance of the reception hall.

    At the Pittsburgh Wyndham Grand (top) these purple up lights were spaced apart for a gentle splash of color throughout the room.

    Here at the Willow Room (right) we added royal blue uplighting to enhance the bridal table as well as all of the pillars and entry way in the cocktail room area. As the evening sun sank into the tree covered hills these blue lights enhanced the room many times over.

    Having colored lights in the background greatly beautifies the photographers pictures throughout the evening. These DMX controllable lighting fixtures can be dimmed to add just the right amount of ambiance for your room.

    We added the purple lighting at the Sheraton Station Square (below) similarly around both the reception and cocktail rooms. Once dinner was finished and the sun went down, the color intensified the room. It added a beautiful background to the evenings dancing.

    By including up lights to your reception room it will make your wedding pictures even better. Typically the overall room lighting is dimmed making the room darker. We use professional dance lighting for the dance floor area but by incorporating color in other areas it will brighten up the entire area. This will lend to your photographer getting better images of your wedding celebration.

    You should choose a color that represents or compliments your colors and help enhance the table-scapes. Purples, reds and blues work very well. Lighting on pillars, aside doorways and behind the bridal head table are the most common locations for up lighting.

    Wall Washing With Color.

    The photo below shows what wall washing with purple lighting at the South Hills Country Club can do. Our bride didn't want a little color added to her venue, she wanted more. By placing the lights closer together we were able to wash the walls with her color. She absolutely loved it and so did her guests. She received many compliments on the effect it had.

    Due to the intensity, purple, blue and red are the most popular at this time however many colors will enhance any room. We can even add white up lighting in a few areas to highlight specific points of an area.

    Wedding up lighting can enhance the overall look of your reception venue. Give us a call and let's discuss your ideas.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo