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  • How To Plan A Wedding | Building The Budget


    Becoming engaged is the start of a very exciting and memorable time in your life. The first weeks after saying "I Do!" you are bursting with excitement and happiness. You will be telling everyone you know and a few people you don't know.

    Once you have passed thru this phase it's time to knuckle down and begin planning your wedding, the official celebration of your commitment and love for each other.


    The wedding planning will have it's ups and downs as well as a little stress and frustration. Not to worry as we will show you many of the items you need to know and understand as you make this wonderful journey. Remember, this will be a day of joy for not only you two, but your families and guests as well.


    Every couple needs to create a budgetand a timetable for planning the wedding, purchasing the wedding rings if you haven't done so already, and announce to the world, we're getting married.

    It would be very wise to sit down with both sets of parents, discuss how much money you have and who is going to pay for what. Keep in mind it is possible grandparents or other family members may help out with the small things as their way of appreciation for being a part of your wedding day.

    Believe me it is going to be difficult to stay within your means as you are about to be bombarded with countless lavish items you will want. By knowing how much you have to spend and what percentage can go to what will help to keep you in check. Many couples have found sticking to their budget is better than over doing it and paying for the wedding long after the marriage itself.

    Focus on the priorities and what will have the greatest impact upon your wedding day. More on this later, now let's pick a date to get married.

    DJ Steve Credo