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  • How To Plan A Wedding | Pick The Date


    Sit down with your parents and select a few possible days for the wedding. Items that effect this date include where do you want to honeymoon? Having your honeymoon in the middle of the hurricane season would not be a good idea. Avoiding this time would be wise.

    ​Work Schedules
    When do your work or school schedules allow you to take time off? Will you be using vacation days and if so how much time will you have?

    Holidays, Birthdays, Family Occasions and Special Events
    Will you be planning your wedding over a
    three day weekend giving relatives more time to get together? Will your wedding fall upon someone's 80th birthday party or normal family vacations? Are there any major sports or events occurring at this time. Will the hotels have availability for out of town guests? Try to avoid scheduling a wedding at these conflicting times.

    The Bride's Menstrual Cycle
    Every bride will want to feel their best on their wedding day. Do your best to pick a time when this will occur or check with your gynecologist for possible options.

    Day Of The Week
    Saturdays are the most common day for a wedding but consider Fridays and Sundays as well. If you have your wedding on a three day weekend then a Sunday may just work out. Fridays and Sunday weddings may also qualify you for a discount with some vendors during slow periods of the year.

    Alternative Dates
    Pick a few back up dates for the wedding then call your church or wedding facility to see if it is available on your date. If not inquire about your alternative dates. Once you have picked the date for your wedding we can begin working the timeline and put everything in perspective.

    Time Of The Year

    Is there a specific time of the year you would like to get married? Perhaps you have often getting married in the spring or on a fall day. Maybe you love to get married when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, hey it's going to be your day so be creative and build the wedding of your dreams.


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