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  • How To Plan A Wedding | Choosing Wedding Rings


    Locate A Jeweler You Like and Can Trust
    Ask for recommendations from friends that have recently married or from family acquaintances. Ask if they felt they got a good deal, received a quality product and was the customer service good.

    Choose A Style
    Select a style that reflects your own personal taste. Your jeweler can make suggestions and find something that you will feel
    comfortable with. Don't be afraid to shop around some for ideas.

    Find Rings You Can Afford
    The ring budget should total no more than your combined salary for two months.

    The 4 "C's"
    Jewelers use these categories to value the worth of a diamond. The Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Again a good jeweler can make recommendations.

    Make sure you keep your receipts and record where your purchased your rings. You will need this information for insurance purposes. Since you probably just spent a few thousand dollars consider purchasing the bride's attendant's gifts later on here. Ask if you get a discount.

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