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    First of all tell all of your family and close friends the great news. Write down their names, addresses and phone numbers. This will start your invitation list for later on.
    As a tradition, the mother of the groom will contact the mother of the bride for the congratulations and getting to know you conversation. Give your future mother in law your moms phone numbers and addresses. You may even want to get
    the two families together for a get acquainted lunch.

    Newspaper Announcement
    Newly engaged couples will often send an official announcement to the local newspaper. Contact the publications department to learn the submission deadlines, run dates, and any photo requirements. You may wish to purchase several copies for yourselves and the family when it is published.

    Typically an announcement will include the following-
    -Bride's Full Name
    -Groom's Full Name
    -Bride's Mothers Name
    -Groom's Mothers Name
    -Bride's Father's Name
    -Groom's Father's Name
    -Bride's Parents Hometown and State
    -Groom's Parent's Hometown and State
    -Wedding Location City and State
    -Date Of The Wedding or Season such as "The couple is planning a fall wedding"


    An engagement party is often held shortly after making the official announcement. Gifts are generally not given but if you do receive any be sure to write a thank you.

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