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  • Bridal Attire

    Wedding Gown

    A Brides wedding attire encompasses not only her wedding gown, but her veil, headpiece and any other accessories she intends to wear on her wedding day. Before you run out and buy a gown take a moment to look in your own closet to see what style of dress/gowns you currently wear. Which ones make you look and feel absolutely gorgeous?

    From this point on she may begin looking in magazines, on line and at bridal shows and bridal shops. A professional wedding gown coordinator will be able to suggest styles of gowns that they believe will look and feel comfortable to the bride.

    Veil and Headpiece

    There are a number of different styles of veils and headpieces for the pittsburgh bride to wear. You will need to decide upon the dress, and hair style before purchasing any headpieces as they must all coordinate with the wedding gown. With that being said the majority of headwear can be adapted to coordinate with the dress.
    When trying on wedding veils and headpieces it's best to have a good idea on how you intend to wear your hair on the wedding day. Will it be up or allowed to flow downward. This will help you to decide upon which wedding veil and headpiece you intend to purchase.

    Bridesmaid's Attire

    Bridesmaids nowadays have a plethera of styles of gowns to wear for a wedding. The bride may decide that they all wear the same design or each bridesmaid may select their own. This decision is up the the bride but do keep in mind that the bridesmaids themselves will have to pay for their own dresses.

    Listen carefully to your bridesmaid's thoughts on any wedding gowns you are contemplating on having them wear. Strapless, necklines, length all come into play here and some of your girls just may not feel comfortable or physically be unable to wear.

    Be sure to write down and keep all of the attendants measurements, colors and styles of dresses you like.

    Groom's Attire

    Today the groom need not rent a tuxedo but may purchase a nice suit and tie thus be able to wear it for other functions in the future. The days of wearing a black tux are gone and allows the groom a few options.

    If you are in the market to rent the tuxedo be sure to consider the various styles available and find one that you like and meets your budget.

    Groomsmen's Attire

    The groomsman's attire should match or at least reflect the overall style of the groom's attire. Groomsman may wear less formal or colorful version of what the groom will be wearing. The best man usually will match the groom's attire with a slight difference in tie, vest or shirt color.

    Make sure you record all of the groom's and groomsman's measurements along with the styles you are considering.

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