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    The Wedding Shoe Game is for newlyweds who are looking for something completely different to have at their wedding. This wedding entertainment just might be right up your alley, or shoe. If done properly it can be one of the highlights of the evening giving your guests something to share with their work mates on Monday.

    Basically the way this game works is at some point during the evening, best towards
    the end of dinner as guests are getting their wedding cake, the bride and groom are seated back to back on the dance floor. They both remove their shoes and give one of them to the other. The bride holds one of her shoes and one of her husbands, the groom likewise.

    We have enhanced this by using a stuffed pink and blue teddy bear for each. Pink for the bride and blue for the groom. Ladies we understand how difficult putting those wedding shoes back on can be.

    The Wedding Disc Jockey or emcee reads a list of questions about them, their relationship, likes etc. in which the answer is either the bride or the groom. The couple responds to the question by holding up the shoe, or teddy bear of the person they believe best suits the answer.

    Questions vary in topic and would be of general interest yet not be offensive or too embarrassing, just enough to be amusing to the guests. Example: "Who is the better driver?", both hold up the groom's shoe. Then "Who has had the most accidents?" Again both the groom's shoes are raised.

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    There will be different answers sometimes when asked "Who is the better dresser?" or "Who is the better kisser?" What tends to make it amusing is the fact that neither the bride or groom get to see what the other is answering but based upon the laughter you can get a good idea.

    The game is kept reasonably quick paced and lasts about 5-10 minutes, so the guests don't get bored. Mix the questions up so no one gets and idea what will be asked next.

    The secret to making this successful is whoever is creating the questions needs to know the bride and groom so that they are specific enough to get those great reactions. If the person asking the questions is not knowledgable of the couples personal life then they should be filled in on what kind of answers they may get. This way the DJ can have fun with it making the game more exciting and amusing.

    The game is just another way for the wedding guests to get to know a little bit more about the newlyweds, and it will give the couple something to talk about on their way home afterwards as to what they answered to some of the questions. If done right you will have almost non stop laughter the entire time.

    Again be sure not to get too personal so no one's feelings get hurt and don't let the bride and groom know any of the questions ahead of time.

    Below is a list of some of the questions that could be asked. Each couple would be different so you can customize the event around them.

    Between the two of you...

    1. Who is older?
    2. Who has more siblings?
    3. When you first met, who made the first move?
    4. Who is the better driver?
    5. Who has been in more car accidents?
    6. Who studied the hardest in school?
    7. Who got better grades in school?
    8. Who is smarter?
    9. Who is more creative?
    10. Who is better at keeping surprises?
    11. Who will be doing the cooking?
    12. Who is more adventurous?
    13. Who is more likely to get injured?
    14. Who is more likely to get sunburned?
    15. Who is more likely to be running late?
    16. Who is the better dresser?
    17. Who is better looking?
    18. Who said I love you first?
    19. Who starts the argument?
    20. Who is first to say ďIím sorry?Ē
    21. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
    22. Who spends more money?
    23. Who is going to pay the bills?
    24. Who will be in control of the remote?
    25. Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?
    26. Who is more likely to get lost?
    27. Who is more likely to ask for directions?
    28. Who is messier?
    29. Who has the smelliest feet?
    30. Right now, who do you love more than anyone in the world?

    Additional questions;

    31. Who is the biggest flirt?
    32. Who's the better cook?
    33. Who has the wackiest family?
    34. Who's the faster driver?
    35. Who spends the most time in front of a mirror?
    36. Who is in control of the checkbook?
    37. Who is most likely to eat desert for breakfast?
    38. Who spends the most time getting ready to go out?
    39. Who will be doing most of the yard work?
    40. If you haven't already... who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first?
    41. Now that you're married, who will be the first to say... "not tonight"?
    42. Who's the better kisser?
    43. Who will be the first to fall asleep tonight?
    44. Who says "I love you" the most in one day?
    45. Who talks more?
    46. Who's most likely to use up all the hot water?
    47. Who's the 1st one to make up after a fight?
    48. Who's the one that started the fight in the first place?
    49. Who's most likely to wake up with a hangover in the morning?
    50. Who spends more money?
    (always ask this next question last)
    -and finally... Who do you love the most in the whole wide world?

    "There you go ladies and gentlemen, now you know who know's who the most"

    By the way, you donít have to use shoes, this game can be played with many different objects for answering the questions such as pink and blue teddy bears, pink and blue slippers, colored flags, photos of the bride and groom, pink and blue maracas, hand clappers, fairy wand and sword. If you donít want to use shoes then you can be creative and think of a funny alternative.

    There are also wacky questions that you can ask that would surely make the crowd laugh if their answers donít match. A couple of zany examples are:

    If both of you are trapped on an island where there is no food, who will most likely eat the other to stay alive?

    Who would most likely end up in jail?

    Let us know how your Wedding Shoe Game for Newlyweds Turned Out! Have Fun!

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo