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    Brides if you are looking for something slightly different for your wedding here is yet another idea. It's called the wedding hunt game. It's basically a list for your guests to be on the look out for and take a picture as they see each one on the list occurring.

    From the first kiss to certain dances, snap away the memories and then email them to the bride for her to have. You can have a list created on your computer, then run out and placed on the tables at the reception.

    The directions are captured in a small poem on the top of the card;

    The Wedding Hunt
    Use your camera and look around,
    Hunt for those pictures that need to be found.
    Shoot away and complete the list,
    Find moments the photographer may have missed.
    When you complete this whole hunting list,
    Email it to the new Mr. and Mrs. ...

    1. A Little Kiss
    2. A Big Hug
    3. People Laughing
    4. Someone Making a Toast.
    5. Your Favorite Decoration.
    6. The Most Generations In One Photo.
    7. Both The Bride and Groom Talking To A Guest.
    8. An Artistic View Of The Food.
    9. The Bride and Groom's First Dance.
    10. The Best Dancer In Action.
    11. The Worst Dancer In Action.
    12. The Bride and Groom Kissing.
    13. Bride and Her Mother Dancing. (or Father)
    14. Groom and His Mother Dancing.
    15. Cutest Couple, Not The Bride and Groom.
    16. People Doing A Line Dance.
    17. A Picture Of The Photographer.
    18. A Picture Of Some Of The Groom's Family.
    19. A Picture Of Some Of The Bride's Family.
    20. Something You Liked The Most At The Reception.

    DJ Steve Credo