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  • Engagement Party

    The engagement party is usually held shortly after you have made the official announcement, as in a few months. Most brides find it best to have the party 9 to 11 months from the wedding date. You should allow a months notice when you send out invitations for the engagement party.

    Your friends and relatives are going to want to congratulate you, check out the ring and hear about any exciting plans you have in mind. This is the perfect time to start to introduce people who will be seeing each other from now thru and possibly beyond the wedding day.
    You will have different generations of people now working and getting to know each other in an intimate fashion.

    Typically the bride's parents host the first official celebration, then if desired the groom's parents will have a party as well. It is not that uncommon for both parents to cohost a party together as opposed to two separate events.

    Many couple today are hosting a party all on their own. This has become acceptable however remember if you choose to do this then you are responsible to foot the bill. You may find a friend or two may wish to throw a party for you as well. Gifts are normally not given however if you receive any gifts be sure to write a thank you.


    Most likely you will want to have the party in your home town making it easy for those guests who know you and your family to attend. If you have multiple families and in different cities, then you may very well find yourself having multiple parties so guests do not have to travel far to attend.

    It is perfectly fine to have the event at your home or at a private room in a favorite restaurant or country club. Think about what type of atmosphere you are trying to have. Low key or full party. It could even be a real friendly atmosphere as in having a BBQ in the back yard.

    What you decide upon is fine, just think about how much work is going to be put into this day. Often it's best to be kept simple and have a loose schedule.

    As a general rule you shouldn't invite anyone to the engagement party that isn't going to be invited to the wedding. The exception to the rule would be anyone who would not be able to attend the wedding due to the distance to be traveled or obligations such as their job or military commitments.

    This is why it's a good idea to have your guest list mostly compiled to avoid inviting someone to the party but not the wedding. Usually your immediate family, close friends and of course, the bridal party girls.

    It's best to keep your engagement party invitations simple. You can make them yourself of have them printed professionally. If you haven't yet settled in on a color theme it's okay, they don't have to match the wedding stationery.

    You could even email your invitation if you like however it's a lot nicer to receive an invitation in the mail. You may still have an engagement party even if you haven't decided upon a wedding date.

    As far as food keep it simple and light. Anything such as some passed appetizers to stations to buffet or perhaps even have a cookout. You will want to create an environment that will encourage guests to mingle and socialize.

    The dessert could be but doesn't have to be cake. Consider an ice cream bar, cookies etc.

    Don't go all out with a long gown, keep it simple yet you will want to stand out from the crowd. Save the big all out for the wedding day. A sundress if the event will be out doors or a cocktail dress for something a little fancier.

    If you have chosen the colors for the wedding it is okay to use them here but make sure you don't upstage the wedding. Keep things simple and feel free to select a theme or a style that is different from the wedding. Have the party at a nice restaurant party room or church social hall.

    Check with the local hotels as they have smaller rooms that you may be able to use without breaking the piggy bank. Consider a Saturday or Sunday afternoon which leaves the evening open for you and your guests.


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