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  • Selecting The Wedding Venue

    There are many considerations in selecting the correct venue for your wedding celebration. Whether you realize it or not before you decide upon the venue you must determine what mood or style of a wedding you are having. Will your wedding be traditional, relaxed or creative? Going from a formal ceremony to a backyard BBQ may seem a bit odd though it is your day.

    Think about your invitations, dress style etc. These all play in part the mood of your big day. Once you have decided upon what type of reception you like now you can begin selecting 3 or 4 venues.

    Some things you will need to consider in choosing a venue are;
    A-Is the venue convenient to the two families (or more) and my guests? Having a wedding reception far away from the church or ceremony site or inconvenient to the groom's family may not be a good choice.
    B-Will the venue hold the number of guests I am inviting? Some venues have several rooms for a reception depending upon the size you need while some can only accommodate one event at a time.

    C-Does the venue allow you to choose the caterer or do they have an in-house catering staff? Either way do they offer and do you like what meal options are available?

    D-If you will be wanting to have the wedding ceremony at the same location as the reception do they offer an area indoors/outdoors for your ceremony? Remember to take into consideration a back up plan in case of inclimate weather.

    E-​Are there rooms available for some guests, and perhaps yourselves, to stay over after the festivities? Though this isn't a deal breaker it does have an advantage. If there are no rooms or none available check into a shuttle service to another hotel for guests to stay at during their visit.

    F-Does this venue fit your budget? You will probably devote 35-40 percent of your wedding budget to the reception venue. If you are looking to stretch your dollars consider;

    Serve limited alcohol. Perhaps just offer wine and beer.
    Limit the amount of time the bar will be open. Perhaps close the bar during dinner hour or half hour and use that time later if at all.
    Ask if there are any packages available. Sometimes if you group several items together you can save such as getting your wedding cake or flowers thru the venue. They may deal with local professionals that offer a reduced price.

    G-Are the venues you are considering have availability for your wedding day? If so will they hold the day for you with/without a deposit while you put everything together. The big pieces you need to sync together would be the ceremony site, venue and caterer. These all need to have availability for the same day and proximity to one another.

    Don't be afraid to ask some of your friends where they held their wedding reception and if they were in deed satisfied. Take your parents if you like to help in the selection of the venue for your wedding day.

    After taking all the above into consideration you should be able to narrow down 1 or 2 great venues in Pittsburgh for your wedding celebration.


    DJ Steve Credo