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  • Tips For Hiring A Wedding Officiant | Wedding Officiant Advice

    Hiring a wedding officiant to conduct the wedding service for your marriage should be given it's due diligence. These days anyone can take an on-line course and be deemed a "wedding professional" but are they compatible for you? We have 7 tips for you to consider when interviewing prospects to conduct the wedding ceremony.

    1- Legally Certified
    First and foremost is the person you are considering hiring to marry you legally certified in the jurisdiction of your ceremony site. These legalities vary from state to state and before you venture any further you need to make sure that your marriage will be legal.

    2- Experience
    How long has this person been officiating wedding services and how many have they done? This doesn't mean that a lesser experienced person can not do a great job but it is nice to have at least a dozen or so under their belt. Years after the ceremony the majority of your guests will have forgotten what was said but they will remember the all around feel or tone of the service. Is the officiant able to make the ceremony flow in a seamless manner and with a pleasant tone to their voice?

    When you ask questions about your up and coming service are they able to offer suggestions and insight easily on how your ceremony can be different than every other bride and grooms? Would it be possible to see them in action before selecting them to coordinate your wedding nuptials?

    3- Eye Contact
    When you meet with them do they make good eye contact with you as they speak or do they tend to look downward. Making eye contact with the congregation is important to keeping everyones attention during the service. It will make folks feel that they are being spoken "to" and not "at" during the service.

    By taking time to glance at their readings then look at those attending the wedding service the guests will begin to form a bond with them and hold their attention and interest longer.

    4- Their Voice
    Have you ever listened to someone who speaks in a mono-tone manner with no or little emotion in their voice? You are fighting to stay awake and keep glancing at the clock. A good officiant will speak clearly and loud enough so that all may understand what they are saying. They will emphasize portions of what they are saying not only to make it interesting, but to draw attention to certain important items in the readings.

    Does the officiant speak up and pause from time to time so that everyone is able to comprehend what they are saying? Having someone just ramble through the service will make it appear to be sloppily put together and rushed.

    5- The Smile
    This is a joyous occasion and not a funeral. Your officiant should be pleasant to work with and come with a smile. You are going to be nervous enough standing up there and having an officiant with a smile and a nice demeanor will definitely make your marriage ceremony go a lot smoother.

    6- Coordinating the Service
    This tends to go back to experience but is the officiant able to facilitate the ceremony and coordinate everything? Assisting you in the placement order and timing of all the segments of the service so that the entire ceremony flows well and all participants know what they are to do.

    When we provide the music for the ceremony we will coordinate the schedule with everyone involved and assist the officiant, but for those weddings we are not involved with the officiant or their assistant should help you.

    7- Dress Attire
    Although not everyone will get dressed up for your wedding ceremony but your officiant and those helping him should dress appropriately. Suit and tie or religious attire should be worn. If you are having a casual service then that will dictate a different dress attire.

    Choosing the right wedding officiant will make for a wonderful experience and will capture the hearts of your family and guests. They will remember for years to come not only how beautiful you were but how inspirational your service was.

    With these 7 tips and doing your homework I know you will make the right choice in selecting the perfect wedding officiant for your ceremony.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo