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  • Formal Wedding Attire | Full Tuxedo

    Unless specified we will wear full wedding tuxedo attire and we will do our best to match or compliment your bridal colors. We have amassed a variety of vest and shirt colors so that we are able to segue well with your bridal party. This won't make or break your day but it has become something we enjoy doing and have gotten a lot of great feed back on it.

    Occasionally we will coordinate a Pittsburgh wedding reception that is less formal and thus we will wear a suit and tie attire or possible just a vest and tie. Trends are changing and we are seeing more and more grooms opting for a nice suit and tie so that after the wedding, they may get additional use out of the formal jacket.

    There have been an occasion or two where the reception was very informal or perhaps had a specific theme about it. In this case we will dress accordingly so as not to make any of the bridal group uncomfortable. Perhaps a sports theme or a Jimmy Buffett style celebration. Whatever you decide upon we will do our best to look our best.
    Call or email us so that we may check our availability and schedule a no obligation meeting that is convenient to you.

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