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  • 3 Wedding Trends Disappearing | Formalities You Can Skip

    Wedding trends in Pittsburgh Pa come and go. Whether it's a formality, add-on such as a chocolate fountain or even choices in music, they all will run their course over time. Over the past two years we have noticed a huge decline in a few formalities brides and grooms are choosing to omit from their wedding reception.

    Many couples are more interested in dancing with their wedding guests than clearing the dance floor so everyone can watch them toss the bouquet or have the long time traditional bridal dance. They are having more fun enjoying the party than sticking with some of the older traditions.

    Bare in mind this is your wedding day and you two should do exactly what you want, don't feel you need to stick to the formalities of your parents.

    The Money Dance-Bridal Dance
    The first formality we have seen take a huge change is the Bridal or so called Money Dance. This is a tradition dating back to Eastern Europe where the bride would dance with her guests while the groom was taken to the bar. After a brief dance with the bride the wedding guests would pin money on her gown. This money was used to pay for the couples honeymoon.

    As time moved forward brides didn't want their hand-made gown to become ruined and her not be able to pass it down to her daughter so money was then placed into an apron she wore. This evolved into the maid of honor holding a hand seen bag to collect the money in.

    When this tradition made it's way to America the groom started to be included with the dancing. Taking turns dancing with many of the guests at the reception. Couples would make off with an extra hundred or so dollars and guests shared a shot of whiskey or schnapps following their dance.

    The times have changed significantly over the years especially with the economy struggling. Guests are bringing a more expensive gift than in the years past and couples feel awkward asking them to dig out some hard earned cash for a quick 15 seconds of dancing.

    In addition many of the guests don't have cash on them, if at all. They use their debit cards now. Being embarrassed about not dancing with the bride they sneak out of the wedding leaving the newlyweds wondering, where did everyone go?

    Over the past few years we may only do two or three bridal dances per year. However if this is a deep instilled tradition within your family then by all means have the bridal dance. If your Pittsburgh Wedding DJ needs to explain it, you are better off skipping this wedding formality.

    Bouquet and Garter Toss
    Calling up all the single ladies and men while the bride tosses her bouquet and the groom tosses the garter. Todays couples are a little more sophisticated and choose to skip this tradition. This is yet another wedding formality that dates back to Eastern Europe. Either they are few or no single guests or they just feel too embarrassed being in the spot-light.

    Then there are those instances where two ladies fight over the bouquet and end up ripping the flowered bouquet into pieces.

    Some brides who still wish to toss her throw-away bouquet will do so but omit the rest. Just toss the bouquet and back to the party on the dance floor.

    The Wedding Anniversary Dance

    Partially into the evening all of the married guests are asked to come to the dance floor. Here a slow song plays while the Pittsburgh disc jockey asks those married one, three, five years etc. please step off of the dance floor. When the song has finished the remaining couple is the winner and announced the longest married couple.

    Some wedding receptions longest married couples are too old to dance thus not joining in and being left out. Embarrassing for them to be called up and asked for some heart felt encouragement for the two newlyweds.

    Though I personally enjoy the anniversary dance and keep it brief, we have seen this dance formality take a nose dive recently. It's a matter of personal preference if you wish to include this wedding formality at your reception.

    Time will tell if any other wedding trends will fade away and again if you wish to include any of the above formalities in your wedding day, then by all means do so. Just realize you may not have as many participants as you may think.

    Look for our article on traditional wedding music you can skip at your wedding coming soon.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo