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    The best Mother and Son dance song of all time is titled, "Oh Mother". It was written and recorded by Pittsburgh's very own Joe Wodaerk. The youngest Wodarek brother and lead singer for the Stickers Band, Joe wrote this song specifically for his very own wedding. If you have never heard this amazing, heart felt song, I strongly encourage you to listen to it before considering any other wedding formality ballad.

    For many of us, "Oh Mother" represents exactly what a mother is to her son. Dancing with your mom on your wedding day will be a momentous occasion, and this melody will deeply instill the love she has for you. Despite being only two and a half minutes in length, it sums up a lifetime of the strong love and feelings between you two.

    What makes this emotional song even better for your mother and son dance, is that it will be new to your wedding guests ears. From the beginning it will capture the attention of all in the room, and many will draw a tear listening to the lyrics.

    Joe's talents go well beyond Oh Mother. He has written, recorded and performed other wedding songs such as "Take My Hand", an emotional first dance song that he first danced with his wife when they were married. "A Father's Love", written for a father and daughter dance. Like Oh Mother, A Father's Love fits so well in that it recalls all of those fantastic child hood memories between a child and her dad.

    Joe continues to write, record and perform in public around the country as the headliner for the Stickers band. Playing on Froggy Radio here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, "Girl In A Pick-up Truck", "All I Want Is You", "She Don't Like A Thing" and many more can often be heard. Their album "The Stickers" is available on iTunes.

    Jimmy Wodarek, (far left) the oldest and coined the wisest plays drums for the band. But his talents don't cease there, Jim also does all of the art and design work for the band.

    Bass guitarist and backing vocals for the Stickers is John Wodarek (right). Like his brothers John has a deep passion for music and it shows.

    Other band members are Jay Casper, keyboard aficionado and Jay McKnight, guitarist master and harmonizer. Behind the scenes are Fly, Zig, Tracey and Cassie, other crew members for the Stickers.

    Congratulations to you on your engagement, and I wish you the greatest luck on your wedding day. We've included the lyrics for Oh Mother below, however that is only half of the incredible Mother Son Wedding song.

    Oh Mother
    -Joe Wodarek

    You were there for my first dance, you were my first valentine.
    You make everything better, with a hug or a smile.
    Anytime I needed you, there you would be.
    Oh mother, thank you for lovin' me.

    If it's true that children, live what they've learned.
    I've learned to care, I learned to share. Compassion and more.
    I'm more than half the man, you taught me to be.
    Oh mother, thank you for lovin' me.

    Standing in the front of the church, taking the hand of my wife.
    We turn around, we see your smile. You know we'll be alright.

    You've given me laughter, you've helped with my tears.
    You've been my inspiration, all of these years.
    Everything that I am, I owe now to you.
    Oh mother, thank you for lovin' me.

    Oh mother, thank you for lovin' me.
    Mother, thank you for lovin' me.

    Here is a short clip of the song. Instrumental version available.

    To purchase your very own copy of Oh Mother, the perfect Mother and Son song, please contact Joe Wodarek at...info. coming soon or myself via email.

    Photos courtesy of Joe Wodarek and the Stickers
    All Rights Reserved.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo