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  • Professional Wireless Microphones

    We us only professional UHF wireless microphones when we entertain our guests. A wireless microphone allows the user to walk around the room and speak without the interference of cords or being restricted to a confined area.

    Microphones are used to capture sound then amplify it for rebroadcast. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) are both used to describe frequencies, however they are not related to the frequency of the voice that is being captured. It is related to the transmission of the voice signal from the microphone to its receiver on wireless microphones.

    Though UHF and VHF are broadcast at different megahertz (Mhz) the UHF band benefits us by having a greater range allowing for more devices and less chance of interference with another UHF device. This way the chance of another DJ nearby interfering with us is greatly reduced, however we have other UHF frequencies that we can use just in case this would ever happen.

    We also use dual diversity receivers allowing a greater ability to capture the microphone signal. This way if the speaker walks behind a pillar or wall there are 2 antennas grabbing the signal to decrease the chance of the signal being interrupted.

    When it comes time for the best man, maid of honor or even the person giving the blessing to speak, they may do so untethered by a cord or interrupted by another nearby speaker.

    By using a professional wireless microphone I am able to stand in the center or front of the room to welcome your guests, announce the first dance or maybe the bouquet toss. This way guests not only see who is speaking but with the Professional Bose system everyone is able to hear easily what is being announced.

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