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  • Wedding Slide Show | DVD

    A DVD Wedding Slide Show is another service we offer to our couples. By taking your precious photographs we can create a digital HD video of them synced with music, incorporate title pages as well as credits of those in your bridal party for your wedding guests to view. It is a way of bringing back all those great memories of your childhood, merging them with photos of the two of you since you have been together and creating a movie saved on a DVD.

    Typically shown during cocktail hour on a monitor we provide, then again later in the evening for all of your guests to watch at their convenience. If your wedding reception venue has a projector and screen it can be shown towards the end of dinner as if everyone went to the movie theatre.

    Either way brings up conversation between guests and family as they remember your first holy communion, when you played sports in school or those great vacations. I encourage couples to provide approximately 100 scanned images on a CD of their favorite pictures. I then edit them, add title pages, credits and sync your favorite songs to the digital slide show making each one we do very unique and much loved.

    I then burn it to a DVD, also with photos and music making it very similar to a DVD of your favorite movie. If you like I can incorporate video footage within the movie. The photos will segue differently into each other and many will move in or out making them almost life-like.

    "We were blown away by the video...both loved it very much, thank you!" Erin and Jonathan H.

    "When we saw the demo I put it on replay and we watched it over and over. I was balling my eyes out because it was so wonderful. Thank you Thank you so much!!" Christine and Baris B.

    Below are two examples of what we can do. The first is a 4 minute condensed version of a couple while the other is a combination of still and video footage at one of our wedding receptions, held at Heinz Field North Club.

    If you are interested in having us create a DVD wedding slide show for your wedding please contact us so that we may explain how we can make your wedding reception even better.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo