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  • Cutting A Wedding Cake | How To Cut Wedding Cakes In 3 Easy Steps

    Wedding cakes are typically cut at one of two specific times, after the bride and groom have been introduced but prior to dinner, or immediately following the wedding meal. If the cake is to be served for dessert it is normally best to have the cake cutting prior to dinner so that the caterer has sufficient time to cut and plate each slice.

    If you have extra sheet cakes in the kitchen then you may conduct this wedding formality after you are finished eating since the caterer will be able to plate the extra cake even before you have the cutting of the cake.

    You should have discussed with your DJ or band leader when you intend on cutting the wedding cake. This way they will be able to be sure that your parents are in the room and you are ready even before making the announcement. Once the announcement has been made you will make your way over to the cake stand where you will be asked to pose for a few pictures prior to cutting.

    Usually the cake knife is either your parents, grandparents or an engraved knife purchased from a bridal shop. Most often it is given to you as a gift by your godmother. It should be placed on the cake table next to a plate and a few napkins. Occasionally the finer establishments will have a finger bowl to assist you in cleaning off your fingers afterwards.

    1. The bride will place the cake knife in her hand with her husbands hand on top (usually your right hands). You will slice through the bottom layer of the cake together twice, making a small slice for you to remove and place upon a plate.

    2. Each of you will take a small piece of cake in your hand and then feed each other. Traditionally the groom will feed the bride first, then she will feed the groom. You need only a small piece and will take just a small bite. Do not eat the fondant if your cake was decorated with it, merely take a small piece of the cake itself.

    3. Following a few pictures from your wedding photographer you will wipe off your hands then you are finished. The cater will take the cake away when they are preparred to cut and plate the cake for all of your guests.

    In the event your cake has a false bottom, typically with smaller number of wedding guests, you will cut the 2nd layer from the bottom. The top layer will be placed in a box for you to take home, freeze then serve on your wedding anniversary.

    If cake is not to be served for dessert but cut, placed in bags or containers for your guests to take home, then you may have the cake cutting after dinning is completed if you prefer. Cutting a wedding cake can be easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply take your time and enjoy the moment.

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