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    Our wedding music library is entirely MP4 digital covering virtually every genre from the 1930's thru the best dance songs of today. Every song is clean edited and we would never play any songs for a wedding dance that would be inappropriate.

    With over 40,000 different hits and subscribing to the top songs from a professional music supplier each and every week, we are able to offer you and your guests a wide variety of top hit genre music. Other DJs in Pittsburgh claim they have the wedding party songs but knowing when exactly when to play them is very important.

    We will meet with you ahead of time and review your wedding songs for formalities and build a wedding itinerary that is exactly what you are dreaming of. You may provide a playlist and/or a do not playlist. By knowing what your vision is and coupled with us being able to read a crowd we are able to maximize the energy and fun in the room.

    It all begins with your cocktail hour. Played at a comfortable level we provide music that will start to get your guests in a party mode. Your wedding introduction songs will bring your invitees to their feet and set the tone for the evening.

    With a huge list of first dance songs you can be assured your wedding celebration will be different than any other bride and grooms. Whatever your musical preference we can assist you choose your first dance together as husband and wife.

    Years ago we compiled a list of wedding cake songs offering a wide variety of music genres including pop, r&b, top 40, rock and country love songs to name a few. I encourage you to customize your big day to the fullest. Why be stuck with those same old cheesy songs played by the wedding dj of the past.

    The wedding music songs we play during your dinner are unique and very enjoyable. Often we have people inquire about a song we just played such as "Who was that artist" or "What year was that from"? This tells us your friends and family are enjoying the dinner music we have selected so much that it sparks up great conversation. This is the beginning of them remembering your big day for a long time.

    We have some of the best wedding songs for your father daughter dance, mother son slow songs or perhaps a mother to daughter dance. This is that very special moment when your parents or step parents may have a few minutes alone with you. Love songs that will create treasured memories for you both and that will last a lifetime. We even offer 85 of the best joint father daughter mother son dance songs.

    Over the past few years we have seen a decline of couples engaging in the bouquet toss, or toss the garter. If you have friends that are single and you wish to incorporate this long time wedding tradition I offer you some of the best songs for a wedding bouquet and garter toss formality.

    Let's mix it up with some high energy fun music that will keep everyone excited and yearning for more. Pick your all time favorite sing-a-long songs and let's kick this party up a notch. We offer alternatives such as the bride just tossing her bridal bouquet or giving her flowers to the winner of the anniversary dance.

    The anniversary dance is where we invite all of your married couples to the dance floor for one great song of love. Shortly after the dancing begins we begin to ask couples to step off of the dance floor based upon their years of wedded bliss. This will leave the longest married couple in the center and makes for a great picture with the two of you.

    We will finish off the remainder of the evening with some of the top wedding songs of all time including incorporating a few line dance hits such as the wobble, electric slide, cupid shuffle or others if you so choose.

    I know line dancing isn't for everyone so that is why we play them only if you and your guests enjoy them and we do not play them back to back unless that is your wish. By separating them throughout the evening it makes for a much more enjoyable time, for all.

    Our music for wedding receptions is played through a professional sound system, and coupled with a few announcements they will keep all of your guests having the time of their life. Requests are welcome providing they are appropriate and are not on your do not play list.

    As a professional disc jockey for weddings in Pittsburgh we are always striving to bring only the very best to our brides and grooms. In addition to running your reception we assist our couples with their wedding ceremony song selections. Often times we coordinate the ceremony bringing ease to the entire bridal party and provide sound for the service.

    Our website has a variety of music lists from our music library designed to help you create the wedding celebration you have long dreamed about. By offering many years of experience and professionalism we are capable to reduce the stress of planning a wedding.

    For additional information or to check our availability for your wedding date please contact us vis phone or email. We offer a no obligation meeting at a place that is convenient to you and we will never push a contract upon you. I prefer to educate you with the knowledge of what we offer then allow you time to think this big decision over.

    We'll Run Your Reception Like Our Reputation Depended On It.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo