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    Below is the relationship between the cost of weddings vs. the percentage of what guests remember after a years time. The expenses are broken down into a broad range for simplicity and although these figures have varied over the years they remain basically constant.

    It is easy to get swooped up in all the hype and with great advertising it is very possible to get caught up in a frenzy of "I need everything". Bridal shows, magazines, the internet it seems to never end. The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar business and there are many companies all trying to get a piece of it.

    I have said this for many years that couples should focus upon what will have the greatest impact on the overall event rather than let advertizing take control and push you way off budget. This can be a big eye opener to couples who have never traveled down this path before.


    Reception Venue and Catering 37%

    Wedding Rings 23%

    Bridal Party Attire 10%

    Flowers and Wedding Cake 10%

    Photographer and Videographer 9%

    Entertainment 5%

    Miscellaneous 5%


    Entertainment 38%

    Wedding Gown 18%

    Flowers and Wedding Cake 16%

    Reception Hall and Catering 8%

    Additional Noteworthy Information.

    Guests have reported that after one year they are unable to recall what they had for dinner at the wedding reception. What they do remember is how much fun they experienced, or lack there of due to the quality of the DJ.

    Following the wedding couples reported that what they would have done different if they were to do it all over again is to spend more time on searching for their DJ/Entertainer and would have paid more for them.

    Those brides and grooms that had a band at their wedding stated that they would omit the band in lieu of a Disc Jockey. It has been reported that approximately 80-85% of the success of the wedding reception comes from your DJ.

    With all of the time, energy and money you devote to this once in a lifetime night, wouldn't it make sense to educate yourself and put your money where it will have the greatest impact. I encourage couples to ask questions and not to apologize for doing so when interviewing vendors for their big day. This includes the venue, photographer, DJ, florist etc.

    What will I get for what I am paying? What assurances will I get? Is there any back up in the event of illness? Can you show us references or better yet may we speak to past clients that are not related to you? Do you have a contract? This is one item that I still hear of couples who say that their DJ or photographer didn't require a contract. A year later is when I hear of problems and heartache.

    A contract will spell out the details and leave nothing to misunderstanding as to amount of payments, when they are do and what you will receive for these hard earned dollars. If you ever feel uneasy at anytime it may be best to seek professional services elsewhere.

    The cost vs. remembered is merely designed to educate couples and hopefully put them on the right path to a great wedding reception and ceremony.

    DJ Rockin Steve Credo