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  • Story Book Wedding | Carnegie Music Hall | Rachel & Chris

    This was most definitely a story book wedding at the Carnegie Music Hall for Rachel and Chris. Two people obviously very deep in love with dreams and aspirations that all began coming together on this spectacular day.

    The ceremony was held at the First Baptist church with many friends and family in attendance to witness the exchanging of vows. Following the ceremony while Chris and Rachel were having their pictures taken guests made their way to the historic Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.

    The guests were privy to a variety of delicious butler passed hors d'oeuvres and enjoyed their favorite beverages while enjoying the atmosphere of the museum. They mingled and reminisced along the balcony about the ceremony and the great memories each had of either Rachel or Chris as they grew up.

    The guest cards were Hershey candy bars designed as a boarding pass onto an airplane. Complete with the guests table number referenced as the three letter airport code and in the lower right hand corner was the designated meal selected for each individual. Quite obvious there was a lot of care and time put into this theme.

    In the center of the guest card table was an airplane created entirely out of Lego's. The reference to the airport theme was due to the numerous airports Chris and Rachel had passed through during their time together over the years while dating.

    Upon the bridal party's arrival Rachel's exquisite gown was bustled and all refreshed themselves with a few snacks and drinks. Prior to everyones grand entrance Chris and Rachel had a few quick photos taken of them in the Hall of Architecture.

    With parents and the entire bridal party in order and awaiting their announcement wedding guests were asked to focus their attention to the area below. One by one each couple was announced and were all given a proper welcome with cheers and applause.

    Rachel's parents started off the grand entrance followed by Chris's parents to the Beatles hit "In My Life" as their introduction song. The bridesmaids and groomsmen too followed in suit with the theme song from Kill Bill 1 "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" playing in the background.

    With the enthusiasm high the newlyweds made their way in to the hall to "Feel This Moment" by Christina Aguilera and Pitbull. The moment they hit the center of the room the parents and bridal party surrounded them in a circle swaying too and fro.

    As the applause lessened all the guests were welcomed to join us on the main level and prepare for an outstanding meal. Rachel's father welcomed everyone and thanked those who were integral in helping to make this day possible. It was very easy to see how much he loved his daughter and graciously welcomed his new son in law into the family.

    Kevin the best man and brother to the groom, started off the toasts for the evening with the Matron of Honor Sarah following up with her touching speech. The blessing immediately followed the toasts then the evenings dinner entree's were served.

    Towards the ending of dinner the wedding cake was cut which prompted a surprise for Chris, a grooms cake. Completely unknowingly Rachel had a customized Qantas groom's cake made for Chris. The song "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith was the chosen tune for this formality.

    Upon completion of the cake cutting a few brief slide shows were shown depicting many photos of Rachel over the years as she was growing up. There was even a moment where Rachel's father played the ukulele and sang during one of the photo presentations.

    Shortly later a father and daughter dance was held. Rachel danced with her dad to Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life". Chris and his mother enjoyed a special dance amongst themselves to a very special Chinese song titled

    Guests then made their way onto the dance floor and began an evening of dancing and celebrating. An anniversary dance was conducted to find the longest married couple this evening. Disney's very own "Married Life" was played as couples were eliminated from the dance area until the winners were revealed.

    Rachel then made her way up to the balcony as "Single Ladies" played while we brought all the unmarried ladies to the dance floor and prepared for the bouquet toss. What an awesome sight to see a bouquet of beautiful flowers be tossed from such a height.

    The theme from Mission Impossible was played next as Chris removed his wife's garter. Keeping the energy high the Black Eyed Peas "Let's Get It Started" was played while the groom tossed the garter to a group of single gentlemen.

    Dancing continued until the end of the evening. A variety of music was played for all with a few line dances thrown in at various time. Guests gave their blessings and sincere thanks for being included in the festivities for the evening. A grand time was had by all.

    It truly felt like a story book wedding for Rachel & Chris. Two people deeply in love and celebrating their marriage at the Carnegie Music Hall. Congratulations to our newlyweds and we sincerely hope they get everything they strive for in their new life together. It was a great pleasure being to be a part in their wedding day.

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