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  • We Have All The Time In The World | Angel & Chris

    We have all the time in the world by Louis Armstrong sums up the over all feelings today at this wedding with Angel & Chris P. The George Washington Hotel in Washington PA was the location of the ceremony and wedding reception.

    It was a three o'clock ceremony in the George Washington room filled with excited guests anxiously awaiting the marriage of these two wonderful people.

    The parents were escorted to their seats while "Jesu, Joy of a Man's Desiring" by Johann Sebastian Bach played in the background. Once the Officiant, Chris and all of his groomsman had taken their positions the O'Neill Brothers version of "Canon in D" played for the bridesmaids to enter.

    Angel's bridesmaids were all dressed in black gowns and all looked lovely. Frank, the father of the bride escorted his daughter down the aisle to the "Prince of Denmark's March" by Clarke played. The ceremony began and after a prayer and scripture Frank kissed his daughter, then took his seat and Angel joined Chris at the alter.

    Angel and Chris expressed their vows then at precisely 3:26 pm were pronounced husband and wife with their friends and family in attendance. Everyone exited with smiles upon their faces and were ready for a celebration. "Symphony No. 9 Choral" played by the London Symphony Orchestra played then as the guests exited "Con te Partiro" by David Chamberlain followed.

    Cocktail hour was held in the spacious main lobby of the hotel with drinks and hors d'oeuvres for everyone. A DVD video presentation was playing for all to reminisce about Chris and Angel when they were in their early years along with a variety of music playing in the background. The newlyweds had numerous pictures taken in the ceremony room then off to the bridal suite for refreshments.

    Upon completion of the cocktail hour the wedding guests were escorted to the main ballroom to await the introductions of our parents and bridal party. A room beautifully decorated with the right amount of up lighting appropriately set the mood for the evening.

    Chris chose one of his long time favorite TV shows theme for the introduction music, "Night Rider" by Glen Larson. Angel's parents were first to be introduced with Chris's mom to follow. The bridal party entered second with newlyweds Angel and Chris to top of the introductions.

    A first dance was had to Louis Armstrong's hit "We Have All The Time In The World". "Love and Marriage" followed by Frank Sinatra for the cutting of the cake. Toasts were given by both Maid of Honor Jessica and Chris's brother Brian. A short blessing was given then dinner entree's were served.

    Upon the completion of dinner and our married couple mingling a father and daughter dance was held. Angel spent a few very special moments with her father to Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life". "The Man You've Become" by Molly Pasutti was the chosen song for the mother and son dance. Both dances were wonderful to watch and the guests shared their appreciation with an extensive round of applause.

    The dance floor was officially opened with one slow song to get everyone warmed up, then a variety of popular songs covering many decades kept the excitement growing. Bruno Mars current hit "Treasure" being one of Angel's favorites, had her and her girls singing and dancing along.

    There was a handful of line dances played throughout the evening and for Chris and his men the old "Stanky Leg" had everyone in stitches watching as they danced.

    A bridal dance was held so Angel could thank everyone for joining her wedding celebration while Jessica and Brian handed out shots. A variety of popular songs were played in leu of the standard Radovy tune.

    After the bridal dance Angel made her way up to the balcony as all of the single ladies were gathering on the dance floor for the bouquet toss. While getting everyone ready Cyndi Lauper's "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun" filled the airwaves.

    Including another one of the grooms favorite childhood memories was the theme to "Inspector Gadget" for the garter removal. Chris worked his moves on his new wife then tossed the garter to the "Harlem Shake". It was difficult holding back the laughter as several folks showed off their shake during this formality.

    The completion of the bouquet and garter routine was a classic Michael Jackson tune, "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough". The dancing resumed and for the next two hours the guests danced their hearts out to music from the 60's thru today. A nice variety ensuring all had a great time.

    The evening was a perfect blend of friends, family, music and celebration. We send out our congratulations to Angel and Chris on their marriage to each other on such a gorgeous day. Best of health, wealth and happiness to our newlyweds Angel & Chris in their new life as they now have, all the time in the world together.

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