Pittsburgh Wedding DJ | DJ Rockin Steve - Wedding Ceremony & Reception At The Georgetown Center | Jessica and Adam Marry
  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception At The Georgetown Center | Jessica and Adam Marry

    The wedding ceremony and reception of Jessica and Adam was held at the Georgetown Center located in Pleasant Hills. It was a late fall wedding complete with friends, family, wedding guests and a first dance surprise for all.

    The ceremony began at 4:00 with guests being escorted to their seats by the groomsman while lovely traditional music played in the background. Once everyone was in attendance the crash was pulled by two groomsman and taped in place.

    Pastor Ron escorted Adam and his best man Dan to the front of the atrium in front of the large glass windows. "Jesu, Joy of a Man's Desiring" began playing as the bridesmaids with their escorts made their way to the front of the ceremony. Upon Jackie, the Matron of Honor joining the Bestman the music segued into "Canon in D" by Ronald Jenkees.

    Jessica and her father entered the room signaling all guests to rise from their seats. Following a few words by Pastor Ron the ceremony was fully underway. A rose presentation was a part of the wedding ceremony with Jessica and Adam presenting their mothers with a rose. The song "Take My Hand" by the Sticker's was the chosen tune playing in the background during this time.

    Adam and Jessica were pronounced as husband and wife at precisely 4:52. An instrumental version of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" played as the newlyweds made their way out of the room to enjoy some champagne and celebrate their wedding nuptials.

    The wedding guests made their way to the bar area to enjoy some light refreshments and curb their appetite with a variety of hors d'oeuvres. The reception room was decorated beautifully with amber-gold up lighting around the room.

    Following the champagne being poured for the up coming toast the parents and bridal party were ready to be introduced. Both the parents and bridal party danced their way in to a special remix of Swagger Jagger. Adam and Jessica were introduced to everyone to Drake's song "Fancy".

    Jessica's father welcomed everybody and spoke his appreciation for those who were there to celebrate his daughters marriage. Bestman Dan along with Jackie, the Matron of Honor held a toast for the newlyweds. A blessing was given by Steve, one of the groomsman then dinner was served.

    Following dinner was the cutting of the cake with Martina and Train's duet to "Marry Me" playing in the background. Announced was the giving away of the centerpieces to all those who had an "owl" sticker under their coffee saucer.

    A first dance surprise was held to Jason Mraz and Colbie Cailet's "Lucky" as the wedded couple to to dancing on the dance floor. Roughly one minute into the first dance the song began skipping which quickly proceeded into the hip hop song "Motto" by Drake and Lil Wayne, one of Adam's favorites.

    Jessica broke out into a little hip hop dance while Adam kept his composure and shared a few of his dance steps. Only Jessica knew of this special dance mix we had created for their wedding dance celebration.

    A father and daughter dance was held next to Joe Cocker's classic song, "You Are So Beautiful". Adam followed with a mother and son dance to LeAnn Womack's inspirational "I Hope You Dance".

    Our newlyweds, parents and bridal party ascended upon the dance floor for an evening of celebration starting off with "Whoomp There It Is" by Tag Team. Other favorites of the evening was Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", "Mo Money, Mo Problems", the Wobble and many more. The dance floor was a busy place all evening long.

    Jessica held out as long as she could before removing her customized "Hello Kitty" shoes. All had a wonderful time leaving with plenty of delicious cookies and great memories of today's marriage.

    We wish Adam and Jessica all of the greatest luck possible in their new life together. We are very thankful for being allowed the opportunity to be a special part of their wedding day.

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