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  • Cost Of Wedding United States | Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Washington, Butler & Westmoreland County

    Pittsburgh Wedding Costs.

    The cost of a wedding in the United States has increased from $15,208.00 in 1990 to nearly $30,000.00 today. In Pittsburgh and surrounding Allegheny, Washington, Butler and Westmoreland counties are similar but all have their very own wedding stats. With couples financially struggling in many parts of their lives this appears to be one day that many brides and grooms are not willing to sacrifice. Glamorous gowns, extravagant wedding rings and fancy wedding cakes all take their toll.

    Even if a couple works hard to cut costs there are a plethora of add-ons available to chip away at those dollars such as photo booths, up-lighting and chocolate fountains. Over course of the wedding planning all of these "must have" items add up to a big bill for the day of the wedding.

    There are many ways newlyweds can save money especially when it comes to services like photography and entertainment. Every company offers different services and enhancements to the big day along with varying prices. This is where you really need to ask a lot and the right questions.

    Some DJ's will include some up-lighting or coordinate the wedding for you while a photographer may offer a free engagement photo shoot with the purchase of their top tier packages. Predetermine ahead of time what you need, then what you want coupled with what you can afford and begin narrowing down the search.

    Hire those that you feel most comfortable with, offer what you are seeking at the best price possible. A contract is vital to avoid any misunderstandings and be sure you understand what you are receiving for what you are spending. Take reviews and referrals seriously as a true professional can be worth their weight in gold on this most special and important day.

    Once you have selected the wedding date book the church or place of service, followed by the venue and caterer if not included. Begin researching your DJ and photographer/videographer as they are only able to do one event per day, florists and bakery items can follow.

    To assist you in comparing what your wedding is costing you with the cost of a wedding in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Washington, Butler and Westmoreland County as well as in the U.S. we have the following wedding statistics.

    These statistics were collected and verified by a professional data base collection agency. They break down the many different categories of a couples wedding including invitations, jewelry, venues, catering and more. They indicate the average cost of each, along with the percentage of newlyweds that used the items. A dollar range is given depicting a low to high end service or purchase.

    One other thing worth noting here. Wedding statistics show that it is expected for the cost of many wedding related services to decline over the next several years. With the onslaught of technology and easability for a person to purchase wedding equipment there has been an increase in individuals claiming they are wedding DJ's or photographers.

    Extreme care must be taken to avoid hiring a so called "weekend warrior" that may ruin your special day due to inexperience. Even though you may be saving a few hundred dollars the cost of your dream perfect event may be scarred for life. The damage could be irreparable leaving you both extremely unhappy and embarrassed.

    Cost Of A Wedding Summary.

    The table below depicts the cost of a wedding not only in the United States but specifically Pittsburgh PA, Allegheny, Washington, Butler and Westmoreland County. Individual wedding specifics are charted further below.

    Red indicates higher than the U.S. average/spent.

    U.S. Pittsburgh Allegheny Washington Butler Westmoreland
    Spend Between $18,900-$31,500 $20,020-$35,800 $!9,977-$33,295 $19,862-$33,103 $22,144-$36,906 ​$19,082-$31,803
    Average Cost ​$26,053 $24,421 $26,053 $25,862 $27,125 $26,802
    Number of Guests 128-148 131-141 138-158 137-157 157-177 130-150
    Single Guest Cost $164-$201 $164-$200 $162-$198 ​$162-$198 ​$159-$194 ​$164-$200
    Attire & Accessories $1,610 $1,660 $1,650 $1,630 $1,800 $1,570
    Beauty/Spa $124 $124 $123 $123 $137 $119
    DJ/Band (4-6 Hours) $1,230 $1,370 $1,350 $1,350 $1,500 $1,300
    Floral/Decorations $1,510 $1,560 $1,550 $1,530 $1,750 $1,450
    Gifts/Favors $641 $656 $655 $645 $717 $624
    Invitations $817 $828 $822 $818 $865 $799
    Jewelry $3,920 $4,125 $4,110 $4,060 $4,500 $3,910
    Photo/Video $2,670 $2,850 $2,840 $2,860 $3,170 $2,760
    Planner/Consult. $1,540 $1,590 $1,390 $1,350 $1,580 $1,270
    Venue/Caterer & Rental $11,230 $11,540 ​$11,230 12,120 ​$13,510 ​$11,640
    These wedding statistics were comprised of brides and grooms expenditures both from before and after the wedding, top wedding forums polls, state and commonwealth data. It is the most concise wedding data collected at the time of publishing.

    The cost of a wedding in Pittsburgh, Allegheny and surrounding counties for more specific items is listed below. It was compiled using the same criteria as above and is based upon couples costs, not vendor prices.

    Spending and prices vary in different areas especially in Butler county when the cost of wedding items and services are higher. Washington and Westmoreland counties the figures are slightly lower.

    You should expect to pay more for well qualified professionals, designer clothing or labels, popular event venues, unique and or customized services. Another factor affecting your costs could be the number of guests attending your wedding.

    Wedding Cost Details For Pittsburgh, Allegheny and Surrounding Counties.

    Bridal Attire and Accessories
    Average Cost
    % Of Couples $$$
    Dress Accessories $181-$301 73%-83% $362-$482+
    Tuxedo/Suit Accessories $82.00-$136 74%-84% $164-$218+
    Tuxedo/Suit Rent or Purchase $164-$273 72%-82% $327-$436+
    Wedding Dress $974-$1,624 85%-95% $1,949-$2,598+
    % Of Couples = Percent of couples who spent money on items.
    $$$ = Spending on designer labels, unique or customized items.
    Dress accessories includes headpiece, veil, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, sash, handbag, garter etc.
    Tuxedo/suit accessories includes cuff links, cummerbund, tie, pocket square, shoes, jewelry etc
    Tuxedo/suit rent or purchase includes tuxedo/suit or other attire options for groom only..

    Beauty and Spa (cost/person) Average Cost % Of Couples $$$$
    Hair $50-$84 70%-80% $101-$134+
    Makeup $41-$69 55%-65% $83-$110+
    Manicure and Pedicure $34-$56 65%-75% $68-$90+
    $$$$ = Spending on well experienced professionals.

    Entertainment Average Cost % Of Couples $$$$
    DJ $594-$990 62%-72% $1,188-$1,584+
    Band $1,390-$2,316 18%-28% $2,780-$3,706+
    Musicians, Soloist or Ensemble $505-$841 28%-38% $1,010-$1,346+

    Flowers and Decorations Average Cost % Of Couples $$$$$
    Boutonnieres, Corsages $110-$184 70%-80% $221-$294+
    Bridal Bouquet $113-$189 78%-88% $227-$302+
    Bridesmaid Bouquets $144-$240 71%-81% $288-$384+
    Event Decorations $357-$595 66%-76% $714-$952+
    Flower Arrangements $379-$631 66%-76% $758-$1,010+
    Table Centerpieces $269-$449 67%-77% $539-$718+
    Flower Girl Flowers $71-$119 52%-62% $143-$190+
    Flower Petals $78-$130 52%-62% $156-$208+
    $$$$$ = Spending on well experienced professionals, unique or customized products/services.
    Event decorations does not include table centerpieces, flowers or accessories.

    Gifts and Favors Average Cost % Of Couples $$$
    Gifts For Attendants $79-$131 64%-74% $158-$210+
    Gifts For Parents $89-$148 55%-65% $177-$236+
    Tips (all services) $293-$489 71%-81% $587-$782+
    Wedding Favors $173-$288 70%-80% $345-$460+
    $$$ = Spending on designer labels, unique or customized products.

    Invitations Average Cost % Of Couples $$$
    Ceremony Programs $80-$133 79%-89% $159-$212+
    Engagement Announcements $73-$121 45%-55% $146-$194+
    Guest Book $41-$69 85%-95% $83-$110+
    Invitations and Reply Cards $171-$285 85%-95% $342-$456+
    Postage $77-$129 85%-95% $155-$206+
    Reception Menus $77-$129 52%-62% $155-$206+
    Save The Date Cards $82-$136 74%-84% $164-$218+
    Table Name and Escort Cards $59-$98 69%-79% $117-$156+
    Thank You Cards $64-$106 85%-95% $128-$170+

    Jewelry Average Cost % Of Couples $$$
    Engagement Ring $2,741-$4,569 72%-82% $5,483-$7,310+
    Wedding Bands $974-$1,623 76%-86% $1,947-$2,596+

    Photography and Video Average Cost % Of Couples $$$$
    Digital or Photo cd/dvd $271-$451 46%-56% $542-$722+
    Engagement Session $350-$584 40%-50% $701-$934+
    Prints and or Enlargements $195-$325 41%-51% $390-$520+
    Traditional Leather Bound Album $374-$623 26%-36% $747-$996+
    Wedding Photographer $1,383-$2,305 77%-87% $2,766-$3,688+
    Wedding Videographer $847-$1,411 33%-43% 1,694-$2,258+
    $$$$ = Spending on well experienced professionals.

    Planner/Consultant Average Cost % Of Couples $$$$
    A La Carte Services $720-$1,200 8%-18% $1,440-$1,920+
    Day Of Coordinator $590-$983 14%-24% $1,179-$1,572+
    For Getting Started $613-$1,021 8%-18% $1,226-$1,634+
    Full Service $2,335-$3,891 13%-23% $4,670-$6,226+
    Month Of Direction $822-$1,370 5%-15% $1,644-$2,192+

    Venue, Catering and Rentals Average Cost % Of Couples $$$$$$
    Ceremony Officiator $168-$280 73%-83% $336-$448+
    Event Accessories $275-$459 69%-79% $551-$734+
    Event Bar Service $2,086-$3,476 52%-62% $4,172-$5,562+
    Event Food Service $4,046-$6,744 62%-72% $8,093-$10,790+
    Event Location $3,083-$5,139 68%-78% $6,167-$8,222+
    Event Rentals $1,464-$2,440 56%-66% $2,928-$3,904+
    Hotel Room After Reception $255-$425 62%-72% $510-$680+
    Limo Rental $404-$674 35%-45% $809-$1,078+
    Other Transportation $420-$700 24%-34% $840-$1,120+
    Rehearsal Dinner $474-$790 66%-76% $948-1,264+
    Up Lighting (based upon 12 fixtures) $180-$300 32%-42% $360-$540
    Wedding Cake or Dessert $358-$596 76%-86% $716-$954+
    $$$$$$ = Spending on well experienced professionals, popular locations, unique or customized products/services.
    Ceremony Officiator includes; JP, Officiant, ordained friend or family member, Pastor, Minister, Priest, Rabbi etc.
    Event accessories includes aisle runner, ring pillow or box, unity candle, toasting flutes, cake topper, serving set, etc. Not flowers or decorations.
    Event rentals includes lighting, tent, tables, chairs, photo booth, etc.
    Other transportation includes shuttles, antique car, horse and carriage etc..

    The above cost of wedding statistics in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County were derived from The Wedding Report Company. For additional information or to check the cost of a wedding in your area please visit www.costofwedding.com