Pittsburgh Wedding DJ | DJ Rockin Steve - Tiffany & Brian Celebrate Marriage At Uniontown Jewish Community Center
  • Tiffany & Brian Celebrate Marriage At Uniontown Jewish Community Center

    Tiffany and Brian were married at a 1:00 ceremony in the St. Peters Church located in Brownsville, PA. The reception followed afterwards at the Jewish Community Center in Uniontown. Antique purple was the color theme and the hall was decorated beautifully.

    Over 200 friends and family members enjoyed light hors d'oeuvres while enjoying a variety of cocktail music as the bridal party was having pictures taken. Guests were invited to sign their names on a guest book puzzle piece, which was to be assembled later by Brian and Tiffany. What a great idea and uniquely different.

    Upon arrival of the bridal party they immediately headed to the bridal room to freshen up and relax a bit before introductions. Everyone was so excited and were anxiously awaiting the big party that awaited them all. Once guests and family were seated the fun then began.

    Introductions started off with acknowledging the grandmothers of the bride. They were so happy to be included in the announcements. Parents followed making their way to their tables awaiting the introduction of the bridal party.

    "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO was the selected song for the bridal party. All 5 couples danced their way in to the beat along with the lovely flower girl and handsome ring bearers. Keeping in theme with the upbeat music our newlyweds were introduced with big smiles to Pitbull's "Don't Stop The Party".

    Upon the applause ending Tiffany and Brian had their very first dance together as husband and wife. The unforgettable Etta James song "At Last" was their choice for starting off their new life together. Following the first dance a toast was given by both Tiffany's maid of honor and Brian's best man. A blessing was given which lead to the commencement of dinner.

    Dinner was a sit down style and there was plenty of delicious food for all. Upon our married couple completing their meal the wedding cake was cut. Beautifully decorated and with purple up-lighting under the cake table it was so pretty to see. Michael Buble's version of "How Sweet It Is, To Be Loved By You" was their accompanning song.

    Guests enjoyed themselves to a variety of delicious cookies in keeping the tradition of the cookie table going. On the back of everyone's chair were hand made purple wedding bags for all to use for cookies and or favors.

    Tiffany had a special dance with her father to the song "My Girl" by the temptations. It was just so fitting and wonderful to see the love Tiffany's father had for her. Brian and his mother followed with their dance to Louis Armstrong's classic "What A Wonderful World". This too was a very touching dance.

    Our newlyweds starting off the dancing then welcomed everyone to join in as the celebrate their marriage. A wide variety of songs were played keeping the dance floor full. If you were not on the dance floor you were at the bar located in the back room enjoying a great time with friends.

    An anniversary dance was held to the song "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland for all of our married couples. Tiffany tossed her gorgeous bouquet to the song "Where My Girl's At" by the group 702. The theme from James Bond followed as Brian removed his wife's garter as guests cheered him on.

    The garter was tossed to a group of single gentlemen while the Weather Girl's disco hit "It's Raining Men" played keeping everyone singing along. The garter was placed upon the young ladies leg who caught the bouquet with the Ferris Bueller tune, "Oh Yeah" by Yello gave inspiration to the couple.

    A traditional bridal dance called the Redovy was held giving all of the guests and family the opportunity to dance with Tiffany. Her maid of honor and the best man assisted with shots for those that danced with the bride. It lasted a half hour however Tiffany never skipped a beat.

    The party continued and with formalities out of the way a dance was held for all of the Central teachers to join Tiffany on the dance floor for a special sing a long to "Paradise City by Guns 'N' Roses. Many other popular songs and line dances were played including the "Wobble" by V.I.C.

    It was obvious guests fully enjoyed themselves this evening as the celebrated Brian and Tiffany's wedding nuptials. The Uniontown Jewish Community Center was alive with fun and excitement this evening and we hope this carries thru the new life together for our newlyweds.

    Congratulations to Tiffany and Brian and we wish them the best of health and happiness possible.

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