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  • Betsy's Barn Wedding | Rustic & Elegant | Katie & Jeff Grande

    Betsy's Barn in Portersville, PA was the setting for Katie and Jeff Grande's wedding ceremony with reception. With absolutely gorgeous weather guests began arriving around 3:30 for the gazebo wedding ceremony.

    The walkway to the gazebo was decorated with mason jars filled with bright and beautiful flowers. Guests received small wedding programs shaped as a mason jar to cool themselves in case they became too warm. As the last guests were taking their places Jeff's parents were escorted to their seats by Matt, brother of the groom.

    Rev. Richard Carlson, along with Jeff and his groomsman entered and took their places under the large gazebo. Bridesmaids then made their way down the walkway with bright beautiful flowers in their hands. Samantha was first followed by Linda, Danielle and our Maid of Honor Stacy.

    The handsome ring bearer John entered with lovely flower girl Kiley dropping real rose petals along the way. Katie and her mother then made their way to the gazebo while everyone gazed upon the beautiful bride. Once all had taken their places under the gazebo Rev. Carlson began the outdoor ceremony.

    For a unity ceremony Katie and Jeff placed a bottle of wine, along with a few notes that they had written the night before about each other into a lovely wooden box. A year will pass before they open the box, sip wine and read each others thoughts from a year ago.

    Once Rev. Carlson pronounced Katie and Jeff newlyweds all cheered and watched as everybody made their way up the walkway into Betsy's Barn. The bridal party along with parents, grandparents and our newlyweds returned moments later for a variety of pictures at the gazebo site.

    Wedding guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and cold drinks during cocktail hour as a variety of toe tapping songs were played. Wedding gift cards were placed into a Chew Mail Pouch card box. So unique and adorable. Upon completion of wedding pictures the bridal party lined up and prepared for introductions.

    The grandparents were acknowledged at their tables then entering thru the large barn doors the parents made their way in amongst loud applause. Florida Georgia Line's "This Is How We Roll" played for the introduction of the bridal party. Jeff and Katie entered as the song continued and all with smiles.

    As with a captive audience the newlyweds enjoyed their first dance together to "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore. They moved gracefully about the large dance floor area taking in every minute of this touching dance.

    The cutting of the wedding cake ensued with "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" by James Taylor as the background music playing. The cake topper was a customized bride & groom bobble-head. Toasts by the best man and Maid of honor we next with a brief blessing by the Reverend.

    The evenings meal was a buffet of delicious foods and guests were encouraged to make a second pass if they liked, providing they left room for some wedding cake and fantastic cookies. Near the bar area was a wedding wish tree where guests were encouraged to write their best wishes for the newlyweds and place upon a tree.

    With the completion of dinner Katie danced with her step father to the classic and heart felt song by Louis Armstrong, "What A Wonderful World". A shortened version of "Brown Eyed Girl" recorded by Van Morrison was the father and daughter dance which followed.

    Jeff made his mom very happy by having a mother and son dance to Joe Wodarek's "Oh Mother" song. Then finishing up the parent dances Katie enjoyed a few minutes of private time on the dance floor to with her mom to "Mamma" by Carrie Underwood for a mother son dance.

    Guests were then welcomed to the dance floor to celebrate Jeff and Katie's marriage today. A wide variety of songs were played including a number of country favorites. Line dances, oldies, eighties and hip hop were all incorporated keeping the dance floor jumping the whole night.

    With a persimmon color as the theme we added up lighting to the barn's perimeter matching the bridal party's dresses. It created a very nice atmosphere along with color coordinated table runners, jars of jelly favors and centerpieces. It was quite obvious there had been a lot of hard work in the planning of the venue decoration. Kudo's to the family for a job very well done.

    The dance floor was filled the entire night with only breaking for an anniversary dance to which Katie gave her extra bouquet to the winning couple. "Thru the Years" by country music legend Kenny Rogers was the selection for this formal dance.

    The evenings end came too quick as everyone danced to the couples choice "All of Me" by John Legend sent everyone on their way. A great time was had by all as they celebrated the marriage of Katie & Jeff Grande in a rustic and elegant wedding at Betsy's Barn.

    We wish all the best for these two wonderful people and their families. It was a pleasure being a part of their wedding ceremony and reception.

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