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  • Top 12 Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring A Wedding DJ

    You have placed a lot of time, energy and money into planning your perfect wedding day. It has been most likely a full year or more of searching for ideas, finding the perfect of everything for this once in a lifetime day. When it comes time to select the wedding entertainment, please don't make any of these top 12 mistakes couples make when hiring a wedding DJ.

    We hear time and again how couples just booked their DJ based upon price, after all, all he/she will do is play music. If not that then they were a friend of the family and decided to let their entertainment be the gift from them. This is a recipe for disaster that come the day of the wedding, is too late to change.

    When couples ask us what we do I explain to them I can't even begin to put to words all that we do, most of which they will never even see or realize. There is so much that we do not even eat dinner. Even during the dinner hour we are working behind the scenes to insure your day is way above your expectations.

    The entertainment you select should coordinate the wedding reception, and if called upon the ceremony. They should help you customize the wedding celebration exactly around your desires, have quality music, back-up equipment and more. If you would indulge me a few minutes of your time and read the 12 mistakes brides and grooms make when hiring the Disc Jockey for the night, you will realize not only all that we do, but learn how to avoid a wedding disaster.

    1. Selecting an Amateur or Part Time DJ/Entertainer
    Anyone can play music but not everyone knows exactly what to do and where to take this event over the next several hours keeping your guests having the time of their lives. Amateur and part-timers are not fully invested in the success of this event. Professional and full time entertainers accept nothing less than perfection so that their full time business will continue to thrive for years to come.

    A professional disc jockey will be able to guide and assist you in the customizing of the celebration from the moment you first make contact. They will offer countless ideas and resources to make your planning of the wedding day a piece of cake.

    2. Making the Wedding DJ the Last Professional You Hire
    Too often couples tell us "We thought we had time..., now everyone's booked." Your DJ can only do one event at a time, unlike the bakery, florist, formal attire stores that can accommodate numerous clients for the same day.

    Once you have secured the location for the ceremony, venue, caterer it's time to start looking at your DJ and even photographer. These two professional groups can bring a tremendous amount to the table and will be booked early. Believing you have plenty of time will bring about disappointment and an epic fail on your wedding day.

    Start early asking former brides who they used, and were they fully satisfied. Talk to your venue coordinator, ask for a referral of entertainers who had performed there. Begin interviewing wedding DJ's and anyone who insists signing a contract at the end of the meeting is only in this for the money, not your best interest.

    3. Fail To Check That DJ's References, Testimonials and Accolades
    With all of the social media sites, wedding forums and websites there is a plethora of areas to review what past brides and grooms feel about their wedding day entertainer. If still unsure ask if you may speak to a few of the DJ's recent past brides. Any hesitation may be a sign of someone who has something to hide.

    4. Not Knowing Who Will Be the DJ At Your Event
    Agencies have a way of booking the bride, then a few weeks prior determine who will be doing which wedding or party. You deserve to work one-on-one with the DJ of your choosing, not whoever is still employed at the agency the month of your day. If they are not serious about your day then you can't be serious about hiring them.

    5. Hiring Based Upon How Big A System He/She Has
    Technology today has made it possible for a high quality sound system that can be discrete yet fill the entire room with sound. There is a big difference between being loud and filling a room with sound.

    High quality professional DJ equipment will not have so called "hot spots" where the sound is louder than other areas nearby. It will be able to fill the room with quality sound yet allow your guests to speak at a reasonable level, thus enjoying the evening. Anyone can buy a sound system, make sure theirs is reasonable new and of quality in nature.

    6. Failing To Inquire About the Back-up Plan/Equipment
    Equipment can be brand new and fail to work at any given time. Knowing what to do in this event, and having the sufficient back-up equipment to handle this unforeseen possibility will help weed out the "weekend warrior".

    The equipment needs to be on sight and ample enough to keep the party going with only a few minutes of interruption. This would also pertain to a back-up plan in the event something happens to the DJ prior to the wedding day. It is something we all hope never comes about but yet needs to be addressed, just in case.

    7. Hiring Non Interactive Entertainment
    An interactive wedding DJ will know exactly how to keep the party going until you say time to end. Not all events need that extra help but getting out there, speaking to, not at your guests and interacting on the dance floor fuels the energy even more.

    This also allows your professional to check the volume discretely and take a quick look around the room from a different perspective. The night is always in motion and being able to take in and use everything to build this party to it's fullest is essential to success.

    8. No Liability Insurance
    Professionals are serious about their business and will carry liability insurance just in case of the unforeseen. A million dollars is par for the experienced wedding DJ. As to see the certificate and ask if the venue needs a copy for their records.

    9. Your DJ Uses A Playlist
    We never know what we will play until we are at the venue, see the age of your guests coupled with what you want and the demographic of those in the room. An experienced entertainer will find that niche and exploit it to it's fullest providing an evening to be remembered to years to come.

    By using the same playlist week after week will make your wedding celebration exactly like all the other weddings they have done. We rarely know what song will be next until the last minute of the song currently playing. This helps us give you wedding guests all that they can handle and become worn out from having the time of their lives.

    10. They Don't Have A Website or DJ Agency Page
    Without a website, even something so basic as a free site is where you will start to examine their amenities. If they work for an agency they should have a page with their profile details

    No website or agency page shows a lack of commitment. They are not in it for the long haul and this may be a sign to look elsewhere.

    11. Not Considering First Impressions
    You can't judge a book by it's cover...well yes you can. If you feel at anytime awkward or uneasy about the prospects abilities to make your wedding a success, probably best to keep looking.

    They will be representing you two, their appearance, manner and voice will all impact the overall success of the night. Should you heed my advice earlier about seeking out your entertainment early there will be other qualified DJ's awaiting your call.

    12. Settling For A Lack of Versatility
    Though not a deal breaker but someone with the versatility to adapt their personality to the specific event would be a better choice. Can they be conservative or aggressive to meet your needs? You may think your guests are party animals but if not, an energetic and aggressive DJ will send your guests packing it up and heading home.

    This accolade comes with emceeing a variety of events during their career. Party's, Mitzvah's, corporate and anniversary celebrations all help to season a true professional wedding DJ.

    What all of this means is you both need to do your homework in seeking out a professional wedding entertainment. Ask the hard questions and always be ready to thank the prospect, then excuse yourself from the meeting if you do not feel comfortable.

    If you give serious consideration to these top 12 mistakes couples make when hiring a wedding DJ, your wedding ceremony and/or reception will have a more favorable outcome than not.

    Congratulations on your engagement and may you have the time of your life at your wedding day.

    Pittsburgh Wedding DJ Steve Credo