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  • Bridal Shower Checklist | Tips and Checklist For A Bridal Shower

    With the wedding date quickly approaching it's easy to fall behind in the planning of the bridal shower. This easy to follow bridal shower checklist will keep you up to date and on track for planning a great bridal shower.

    Broken down into six easy segments that you can follow, and even amend as per your circumstances. Whether you are hosting the event at home or a venue it is important to give attention to these items for a successful bridal party.


    Set Date-Choose a date that is convenient for you and those that will be assisting in the party. Consider anyone else getting married that would be planning their bridal shower, holidays, vacations or events. Sundays seem to be the most popular day however Saturdays are also an option.

    Request Guest List From Bride-Be sure to get names from both the bride and groom unless the other side is planning a shower on their own. Review your address book, social media friends, work mates, hair dressers etc. Leave no one out at first as you can cut once the list is compiled.

    Confirm With Venue-Contact the venue should you not be having the bridal shower at home. Confirm the date, and time and room the celebration will be in.. Get a contract sent to you, fill out and return with your deposit.

    Decide A Bridal Theme-Toss around ideas for a theme with those helping to plan the get together. Best to keep it simple as the cost may increase with the more elaborate style. Mention this to the venue as they may have centerpieces that you may incorporate into the theme.

    Order Your Invitations-Select and order your shower invitations. Double check the count so you need not order a sevond time adding cost to the party. Be sure to include the day (Sunday/Saturday) date, time, and location. Include the address for the function, phone number and possible directions. You may wish to let everyone know of the, if any theme.

    Set A Budget-Often times those who are helping will share in the expense. Review the cost of food, decorations, music and games if applicable. Be sure that everyone who is offering to assist is comfortable with the expenses. This isn't a time to create hurt feelings. Be careful your eyes are not bigger than your pocketbook.


    Get The Address List Together-Get accurate addresses for everyone on the invite list. If you are having a substantial size event you may wish to create labels on your computer for ease of labeling the invites.

    E-Mail Out Of Town Guests To Let Them Know Date For Travel-Those friends and relatives on the invite list you should email, or call and inform them of the bridal shower date. This way they can begin planning their trip to the function.

    Get Together With All Those Planning To Brainstorm Ideas for Decor, Menu, etc.-Toss around ideas for the party keeping it easy for set up, decorating and menu. Most likely the party will be afternoon so the food can be on the lighter fare. Be conscious of your budget.

    Order Tables, Chairs, Linens and other Rentals Needed-If you are going to have to supply tables and chairs you will need a estimated guest count. Will a family member be responsible for picking up and set up or will everything be delivered. Linens will most likely include table covers, napkins, chair covers if desired. Best to have a few extra chairs and a few extra napkins in case of an accident.

    Order and place a deposit on said items. Be sure to get everything in writing. If the venue is supplying these, give them the number of guests expected.

    Delegate Tasks and DIY Projects-Who will be responsible for decorating, set up and clean up following the shower if needed. Designate who will shop and pick up food, drinks, cups and plates if needed. Centerpieces, flowers and balloons will need to be handled if you will be including these. Write down who will be getting these and delivering to the location.


    Mail Out Invitations (Include Gift Registry and Directions)-Assemble and mail all invitations with directions to the event location. Adding phone numbers along with address can be helpful for some. If the invite is odd in size, large or heavy (due to a theme design) check the postage first, then get the appropriate stamps. Check to see if there are stamps keeping with any bridal theme.

    Purchase Items For Your Favors, Food Prep/Serving and Decor-Time to go shopping. To help keep the cost down consider strip districts for bulk items. Major stores with discounted or sale items. Should you really be on a budget think about selling some items after the party to recoup some dollars.

    Some of these items may be used as prizes for any games you may be having for entertainment.

    Pick Out Some Flowers and Centerpieces-Same as above, go shopping. Best to keep things easy and simple. Do not go over board creating additional work for yourself and turn a lovely venue into a circus of props. Flowers grown locally will most likely be your best bet for saving cash. Consider the theme for flower types and colors.

    Select Games, Icebreakers, Music and Other Activities-Browse the internet for fun and quick games. Will the games include everyone or for only a chosen few? Get creative but make sure they will be easy to do and that you will have room for them if space is needed. Shop for any items needed.

    Purchase The Paper Products​-Plates, bowls, napkins plastic ware and cups need purchased unless supplied by the venue. Remember to get a few extras, you can always take these home afterwards.

    Check In On Anyone Making or Bringing Items-If anyone is offering to make and bring anything to the shower...fantastic! That's less work and expense. Confirm who is bringing what and write down for your reference. Make a mental note to follow up the week of the function.


    Follow Up With Those Who Havenít RSVPíd.-There will always be someone who forgets to R.S.V.P. for the shower. Call or email to see if they will be attending. Tally up the number of those attending and inform your venue.

    Assemble and Prepare The Favors-Get together some night and assemble any favors, centerpieces etc. Place into a box for easy transport.

    Order Some Balloons-If you planned for a few balloons you may need to order them in advance, usually one day is sufficient. Confirm time to pick up to take to the shower location.

    Purchase Your Food-If you will be purchasing food for the shower shop for the items needed. Will you need can openers, spatulas, large bowls or plates for these? Shop at stores that allow you to buy in bulk for best price. Drop off any items to those planning on making/baking.

    Make A Schedule For Preparing Food-Who will make and or bake these food items? Will they deliver the day of or will you have to pick up. For freshest items you may want to pick up the morning of.

    Decide A Layout-Sketch out a simple layout for the food, their location and remember to include placement for plates, bowls and plastic or silverware. Will you need one table or several for foods? Will all of the food be placed out at once or in stages. You will need someone to assist with this unless the venue has staff to handle for you.


    Prepare Food That Can Be Made Ahead Of Time-Make any edible items that can be made a day in advance. Cleanliness and food safety is important.

    Pick Up Flowers, Balloons, and Any Purchased Food or Cake-Hop in your car or truck and pick up everything that is needed for tomorrow. Assemble all together in your home so nothing is left behind.

    Prepare Seating Area-If permitted, set up at the venue or bridal shower location. Tables, chairs table covers if possible etc. Think things over and review your list to avoid problems tomorrow. The more that you can do today if possible is less to worry about when you should be having fun.

    Set Up Food and Drink Serving Areas-This includes tables, drink stations or the bar area. Cover tables and set up sterno areas if applicable, ice buckets, plastic ware, napkins and cups. Try to create an easy flow to the serving of foods. Pop, coffee or signature drink stations can be arranged at this time too.

    Day Of

    Make Sure House or Venue Is Clean-Do the white tornado if the shower will be at your home.

    Display Balloons, and Decorate Space-Set up the decorations. Be sure you have tape, scissors etc.

    Set Out Drinks and Food-Have an individual set out beverages, ice, food items with ladels, serving spoons etc. If you are having the event at a venue the caterer will handle this for you.

    Have Fun​-Remember to take pictures and if opening gifts be sure someone records who gave you what items.