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  • 11 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

    Questions To Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Photographer.

    A wedding ceremony and reception will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable times of your life. Presuming this is your first wedding how will you narrow down the right professional photographer for your taste. With so many options and companies available to you we wanted to share with you these 11 important questions to ask before hiring a wedding photographer. Some moments in our lives are just too important to trust to a camera phone.

    Before you begin the interviewing process ask some of your recently married friends who they used and were they satisfied. Have they received their pictures back yet? Were they satisfied with the overall experience with their choice of photographer? Don’t be afraid of contacting these wedding professionals but you should also do some research yourself as you will gain a lot of important insight into the entire process.

    More than likely a professional wedding photographer will answer the following questions before you ask. They should be experienced enough in knowing what you are probably looking for and discuss these areas. None the less print out a copy of these queries and take notes for your review later on after the interview.

    1. Do you have a gallery of wedding images you may review?
    Being able to review their work will allow you to see their style and forte’. Are the photos all posed or are their some impromptu shots capturing the moment of joy and excitement? Keep an open mind when browsing their work as some wedding couples may have desired some shots that you may not think are appropriate.

    A good photographer will not only explain what they do but inquire into what you are looking for. They will want to hear your very own thoughts on your wedding day to gain an insight into your plans. To them it isn’t just another job, they will actually care about the outcome of your event and offer sound advice and suggestions.

    2. What is your style of photography?
    Some photographers will operate like wedding a planner and assist in the wedding day. Some will merely just take pictures as every event unfolds. It is imperative that you find that someone who can understand and meet your expectations. Do this in advance so that you are not disappointed when it’s too late.

    3. Do they operate alone or with an assistant?
    A second photographer will increase the probability that nothing will be missed. If your wedding is somewhat large you should give serious consideration to having an assistant or two photographers. If there is an assistant ask you you may meet them as well to get a feel for their personality.

    4. What kind of lighting will they use?
    Whether you will be having an indoor or outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure they use professional grade lighting equipment to deliver the images your wedding deserves. Even outdoor photographers can benefit from a little extra light to soften the shadows. Indoor wedding, will there be an array of tripods with lights and umbrellas on top or will they solely rely on their own camera flash?

    5. Do they have “appropriate” backup equipment?
    As a professional they will plan for any equipment failures or problems. Several high quality cameras, lenses and filters along with extra flash equipment. Any situation possible will have been given serious thought and a plan of action will be ready to put into effect. A true wedding professional will never miss a shot due to equipment failure.

    6. Do you have liability insurance?
    Accidents occasionally happen at weddings and if one of your guests were to trip over the photographer’s light stand, it’s good to know you both are protected. Higher end reception venues will ask for the photographer to submit a certificate of liability insurance ahead of time. Million dollar policy’s are the most common in this industry.

    7. Do you have a contract for us to sign?
    Now we do not mean at that meeting, but after you have thought about your options and have decided upon the right professional. A contract will bind the two of you with the specific photographer along with details and amount of monies to be billed. A contract will remove any doubt about who, what, when, and where.

    8. May we book an engagement session with you?
    The engagement session does more than provide you with beautiful images before you get married. It’s your first opportunity to work with your photographer and begin to develop a working relationship that will allow you to be comfortable on your wedding day. Use this session to confirm that this specific photographer is indeed the right person to capture your wedding.

    9. Can we (you and the photographer) create a detailed shot list?
    This list will insure that no shots will be missed during the commotion and excitement of the big day. The professional will have a rough list including parents, grandparents etc. that you can add or delete to meet your family circumstances (extra sets of parents, significant others etc.)

    Are all of these included in the price quoted or will there be an extra expense involved. You should be able to add and delete any scheduled pictures leading up to the day and you should have a copy for yourself.

    10. What will happen to the images after the wedding?
    Will your wedding images be backed up to a hard drive, or stored on the cloud once processed? How long will they store these images afterwards? Storing images takes up space which creates an expense. Will he or she store them a few years or just a few months?

    If you have any concerns about losing any or all of your photos, knowing ahead of time what the photographer will do with your photos after your wedding is important.

    11. When will you get your photos?
    I know you will still be on that wedding high and want to relive all of the excitement of the day but you won’t be getting your images the day after, or a week later. If that is conveyed to you you would probably be best to keep looking at other photographers. You might be able to get a couple of images for social media use quickly, but obtaining your photos will most likely take several weeks.

    Understand that a professional will take many pictures during the entire event. Duplicates, triplicates and more to help them capture the exact perfection of that moment. They will need to review them, eliminate those that are in deed not perfect giving you only the very best of the wedding. This all takes time.

    Inquire when approximately you will be able to view the photos so that you may start ordering the specific ones you like. A good photographer will be very accommodating and work with you for your complete satisfaction. After all, if you are extremely happy with their work, you will refer additional business their way.